PLUTO webcam

Welcome to the Plymouth Underwater Teaching Observatory (PLUTO), streaming live underwater video from the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth Sound. This summer we are running the 'Sea Life Live' project with the National Marine Aquarium, to raise awareness of marine life and help you to experience the marine environment. 

Live from Plymouth Sound

"We need you! Sign up here to join the Sea Life Live project and help us explore the marine world"

You'll receive a digital welcome pack with information about the project, an identification guide to what you might see, and instructions for reporting your sightings. These sightings will be verified and contribute to a national database that will help conserve marine life.

Go directly to our sightings reporting page on the iRecord system


Schools will be able to join in with live experiments and work with scientists to learn about the local marine environment. In the current age of ‘citizen science’ the PLUTO platform will give members of the public the chance to help generate useful scientific data.

A series of online events and lectures will harness this engagement to raise awareness about the state of the marine environment and the research being done at Plymouth University.

Have a look on the Marine Biological Association's events page to see how you can experience this underwater environment for yourself.


If you are interested in using the PLUTO system or to report a problem, please contact:

Dr Nicholas Higgs