Innovation is the catalyst for growth in any organisation. Gaining access to world class facilities, technical expertise, as well as student and graduate talent are essential factors in allowing businesses to translate their ideas into commercial reality. University of Plymouth Marine Institute is well placed to support the transfer of knowledge, skills and expertise, and to help develop new products, processes, applications, materials or services. By working in partnership, the Marine Institute ensures businesses have timely access to cutting-edge science and equipment while our academics and students keep in touch with the latest industry practices.

The University has a specialist team of advisors who can detail how we can assist, and how we can most effectively engage any grant funded support that may be available to support any engagement. Please do contact the Marine Institute for a follow-up discussion.

Marine Business Technology Centre (MBTC)

Offering in-depth product testing and development of marine-related technologies, the Marine Business Technology Centre is supported by the vast knowledge and assets from the University of Plymouth and wider network of expert marine organisations.

Technology development and solutions for marine businesses in Devon

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The University of Plymouth are proud to be a partner on Marine-i, designed to help the marine technology sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly grow through research, development and innovation.

Funder: European Regional Development Fund (2017-2020) | Co-I: Prof Deborah Greaves

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