Wave sculpture

As a central element of her new An Ever Moving Now, Rosie Sherwood is taking part in a yearlong artist residency with the Marine Institute at the University of Plymouth. With the support of the institute she intends to produce a 'map' that fully expresses both her own responses and a deeper understanding of the geography, formation, and conservation issues that are such a central part of the South West Coast Path.

Rosie Sherwood

Rosie Sherwood

Rosie Sherwood is an artist, publisher and scholar. She has developed an interdisciplinary practise that incorporates each discipline’s unique language and structure. Sherwood runs artists book press As Yet Untitled, allowing her to work as mentor and collaborator in the publication of new artists’ books.

In 2017 she became Creative Director of Turn the Page Artists Book Fair. Sherwood teaches at multiple universities, has been published on a range of subjects, most recently in the Artists Book Year Book, and has work in national and international collections.

An Ever Moving Now

 An Ever Moving Now is a multi-chaptered project exploring wildness, rewilding, and our relationship with nature through the use of photography, sculpture, and book art. The project addresses Sherwoods’ personal experiences, memories and sensations of being embedded in nature, and connects these to the broader concepts of wildness, conservation through rewilding, and shifting baselines. Throughout this project, Sherwood will explore a diverse range of natural environments from coastline to woodland, and examine how ideas of wildness play out within these different environments.
The first chapter of An Ever Moving Now focuses on the South West Coast Path, and is supported by both the Marine Institute at the University of Plymouth, and the South West Coast Path Association. To create this work, Sherwood will move between immersive, multi-day hikes along the South West Coast Path, to developing ideas in her Devon-based studio.

This constant interplay enables continued conversation between the work she creating and the land she am responding to. Through this process Sherwood created Akin, which was the first of a series of sculptures created for An Ever Moving Now. This work was selected for the National Sculpture Prize at Broomhill Sculpture Gardens in 2018. 

Akin. Rosie Sherwood - Artist in Residence for the Marine Institute
Untitled, from Mapping in an Ever Moving Now by Rosie Sherwood