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The ESRC Festival of Social Science offers a fascinating insight into some of the country's leading social science research and how it influences our social, economic and political lives – both now and in the future. 
The annual festival explores the world of social science, from how society has shaped our local areas to behaviours that help fight climate change. 
The festival is an opportunity for our researchers to engage with non-academic audiences, increasing awareness of the impact of social science on society and the economy. In turn, events allow the audience to meet the researchers, engage in research activities and potentially influence research. We have participated in the event since 2014.
The 2023 festival was held from 21 October – 17 November. Please scroll down to view our events.

Plymouth Past: Sustainable Future

Let Plymouth Law School take you on a virtual tour around Plymouth past and present, matching sustainability to our city. 
Part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2015.
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