Robots, Apps and Gadgets
  • Room 605, Rolle Building, Plymouth University

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As part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017, we provided a morning of activities for children and families based on our findings from two current European projects. 

One project, Robo21C, aimed to develop skills and understanding of robotics and programming and enable primary school pupils to apply their newly acquired skills to become responsible, confident and creative users of ICT. The second project, PhenoloGIT is focused on designing, building and testing a collaboratively created educational environmental App and information platform for use on everyday mobile devices (phones and tablets with GPS). 

Participants took part in a variety of hands-on activities involving robots, photography and an interactive map developed in partnership with children and teachers around Europe.

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Biography: Dr Jan Georgeson

Jan is a Senior Research Fellow in the Plymouth Institute of Education conducting independent research projects and collaborating with colleagues in the development of research into professional development and interprofessional working particularly in the early years sector. 

Jan’s research is strongly influenced by sociocultural and activity theory, in particular when applied to organisational structure, interactional style and approaches to pedagogy. Jan has been involved in a number of European research projects investigating the role of technology in supporting children’s learning with a particular focus on ways to develop 21st century skills.