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This practitioner-focused workshop was sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Management and the Chartered Institute of Marketing and was a practical session to explore what it means to carry out marketing management in a way that is purpose-driven (primarily focused on serving society's long-term wellbeing - in a profitable way).

Private sector companies are increasingly seeking to clarify a higher meaning (purpose) above maximising profits. Companies like Unilever and PwC see this as a way to create a thriving organisation that can motivate and inspire stakeholders (customers, staff and collaborators). Marketing sits at the intersect between a company and society. It is therefore core to enabling a company to live out its purpose in a way that maximises societal benefit in a profitable way. 

The workshop took a practical approach to the role marketing can take in driving purpose-driven businesses. A framework was presented, which progressed previous research into sustainable marketing. An example of how a company might use this framework was presented. Participants were then given the opportunity to think through how the framework might be used in their organisation, or those they are aware of to harness the power of marketing to realise their purpose.

The workshop was co-run by Dr Victoria Hurth (Associate Professor in Marketing at the University of Plymouth), Carole Bond (Gameshift and CIM board regional board member) and Nick Davies (CEO of Neighbourly – a leading platform connecting companies with their communities). It offered practitioners, and those interested in the topic, a way to rethink and re-enact marketing in order to drive highly successful, meaningful and sustainable businesses.

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Biography: Dr Victoria Hurth

Victoria is an Associate Professor in Marketing and Sustainable Business at the University of Plymouth. 

Her research and consulting has been focused on how organisations and the economy can become a force for sustainable global wellbeing for over 15 years. Victoria has first-hand strategic and tactical experience of a range of organisations, having previously worked for Accenture with companies such as Marks and Spencer, Cancer Research, J Sainsbury and 3M. She has also worked for a local food waste charity and as a founding Director of the first social enterprise pub in Plymouth. Victoria has been closely engaged with organisations such as The British Council, British Standards Institute and LEAD International.

Victoria Hurth

Biography: Carole Bond

An environmental scientist, sustainability practitioner and marketing professional, Carole has more than 35 years’ business experience. She has worked in and for a number of key business sectors, has set up and run new businesses and advised many more. Carole has worked with corporates such as Unilever, B&Q and Carillion with public sector organisations such as the Environment Agency, as well as professional and academic institutions, government departments, government funded bodies and NGOs.

As principal of sustainability consultancy Carbon Data Resources since 1994 and founding partner of GameShift, Carole has instigated, developed and delivered a number of circular economy, climate change and sustainable marketing initiatives and corporate transformation programmes.

Carole is a long-term Chartered Marketer and Sustainability Ambassador for the CIM.

Carole Bond, Carbon Data Resources

Biography: Nick Davies

Nick is an ex-agency marketer with 30 years' experience helping brands create value. He has worked with some of the worlds best-known companies, creating campaigns to help them build reputation and sales. But the game has changed. Today’s companies must be authentic, collaborative and purpose-driven if they’re to remain relevant and successful. 

Nick launched to help forward-thinking companies like Marks and Spencer, Unilever, Danone and The Body Shop find the right balance between value for shareholders and value for society. These companies use Neighbourly to manage volunteering and donate funds, surplus and products at scale, all through a single social platform.

Nick's mission is to make the simple act of ‘being neighbourly’ normal for people in the communities where they live and work. By making it simple, collaborative and fun Neighbourly hopes to align the interests of business and society to create a powerful force for good in the world.

Nick Davies,

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