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This short series of workshops was aimed at school and college students in years 12 and 13.

The innovative investigation simulation ‘Operation Tandem’ introduced students to the investigative processes including forensic issues and police interview techniques designed to build more generic critical thinking and analysis capability. 

The scenario was designed to unfold over five weeks with a time lock on each of the sections preventing students from 'jumping ahead'. Participants were encouraged to work in pairs in order to conduct their own investigations rather than as a class. Each section was designed to take approximately one hour to complete. 

Along with the concluding session Part 5 when the sequence of events that took place in this scenario was fully revealed, participating teachers and students were invited to attend a Zoom session to discuss the results of their investigation with project developer Rob Giles along with criminologists Brendan Brookshaw and Magdalini Pipini. 

Over 300 individual participants provided valuable feedback using online questionnaires and qualified for a University of Plymouth certificate of completion at the end on the process. 

Alice Edwards, Faculty Outreach Officer in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business said:

"‘The Interactive Crime Scene Investigation workshop series has proven popular with schools and colleges as it’s an interesting and engaging concept as well as being flexible to complete. The workshop series ties in nicely with the A-level curriculum, providing schools and colleges with an interactive tool they can use for lessons and revision. It has also provided students with the opportunity to add to their UCAS personal statements and CVs about their experience in taking part in the workshops."

Some feedback from email correspondence:

"I have finished Part 1 of the course and I am already invested into it. I love how it’s interactive and makes you feel like it’s real by enabling us to choose the kind of evidence and etc. I love working on it and I cannot wait to start Part 2!" - Katie

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Contact Alice Edwards, Faculty Outreach Officer in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business for further information.

View the promotional video on YouTube

Biography: Rob Giles

Rob joined the University of Plymouth in 2005 having previously worked as a 3D crime scene reconstruction specialist on over 30 cases 2003-05. Rob has worked in partnership with Professor Kim Stevenson as director to produce an international award winning documentary ‘How Do You Fix a Town Like Plymouth?’ in 2018 and was cited as an inspirational member of University of Plymouth staff as a result in 2019.

Rob is a University of Plymouth BSc (Hons) Media Lab Arts graduate.

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