The Knowledge Exchange (KE) Programme is a new addition to Cultivator Phase 2, and aims to:

  • enable collaborative and applied research and development
  • develop new connections, partnerships and collaborations
  • enhance the student experience
  • increase student employability and graduate outcomes.

What is Knowledge Exchange (KE)?

“A process / approach which encourages the sharing of ideas, data, experience and expertise which is mutually beneficial to all parties involved”.

Please see the Knowledge Exchange webpage for more information on this.

Cultivator KE works with any creative business in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, facilitated (but not exclusively) by Creative Kernow (CK) and the listed faculties within the University of Plymouth (UoP).

Upcoming KE projects

Morrab Library
As part of our KE programme, we are working closely with Morrab Library, Cornwall in developing a new series of hybrid talks, workshops and events. An exciting part of this project is that Morrab Library are working closely with one our excellent student interns, who bring their knowledge, expertise and flare to the project!

Creative Kernow and University of Plymouth KE Networking Event

We kicked off our Knowledge Exchange (KE) Programme by hosting a virtual networking event to bring together Creative Kernow working on Cultivator, and various academic and professional services colleagues engaged in KE at the University of Plymouth.

Aims of the event:
  • introduce staff from both organisations and understand their respective roles and responsibilities
  • build mutual awareness of the University’s role within our current portfolio of externally funded KE projects – Cultivator Phase 2, South West Creative Technology Network and iMayflower – and the full range of opportunities that these project present for CK’s team and beneficiaries and UoP’s students, staff and facilities
  • provide a forum for establishing and strengthening relationships between both organisations and exploring opportunities for new connections, partnerships and collaborations
  • enable staff from both organisations to gain a better understanding of the University context
  • enable the Creative Kernow team to gain a greater understanding of the student engagement/employability agenda and the current schemes available to students
  • provide an opportunity for staff from both organisations to find out more about the Digital Fabrication and Immersive Media Laboratories (DFIML)
  • providing a platform for academics to showcase relevant areas of research and teaching in order to stimulate opportunities for collaboration.

Who’s involved?

  • Associate Professor (Reader) in Persuasion and Communication
    Plymouth Business School – KE lead
  • Lecturer in Education
    Plymouth Institute of Education – KE lead
  • Associate Head of School - Knowledge Exchange
    School of Art, Design and Architecture – KE lead
  • Associate Head of School Research, Knowledge Exchange, Enterprise
    School of Society and Culture – KE lead

Creative Kernow Creative Business Advisors

Laura Giles, Screen and Digital

Laura works in Film, TV, games and Immersive. She works with production and games companies plus freelancers across all creative, craft and technical roles for screen production. Common needs for the businesses she works with includes understanding how to connect with the industry, both in terms of financing for projects and building their brand/profile and distribution strategies for finished content. Some projects may be looking for specialist collaborators in the exploration of new technologies.

Rose Goodship, Performing Arts

Rose works in Performing Arts, Music and Literature, with creative businesses including larger theatre organisations, NPO’s, commercial music businesses and freelance practitioners. Common needs for Rose’s clients are to collaborate with other sub-sectors and improve networking skills, to develop leadership and business growth skills and to understand how to take work to new markets and build national profile. Rose’s clients are looking for opportunities to collaborate in audience development, and working towards using technology to help them build more inclusive or environmentally considerate practices.

Sam Jackman, Museums and Public Galleries

Sam works in Museums and Heritage, specifically with museums in Cornwall, heritage organisations, public galleries, archives and cultural freelancers. The heritage sector is seeking to develop new ways to improve resilience, both through financial measures such as improved commercial offers, but also through talent retention. Exploring digital innovation and reaching digital audiences is also a priority for these clients. Sam’s clients are always interested in developing internship opportunities.

Olivia Khadka, Graduate Start-up

Olivia works across all creative sectors but visual art and craft is her strength and works with early stage graduate start-ups. Common needs for Olivia’s clients include all aspects of starting up, from financial planning, pricing, marketing and social media. Their needs also include opportunities to network and build relationships in appropriate fields as well as opportunities to showcase work and learn from sector leaders. Olivia’s clients are always interested in collaboration and are interested in working with students who can offer social media support.

Jenny Lee, Museums and Public Galleries Digital Coach

Jenny works in the Museums and Heritage sector as digital coach and has experience within museum collections and research, primarily digitisation. Jenny works with specifically with museums in Cornwall, heritage organisations, public galleries and archives.

Tonia Lu, Visual Art and Craft

Tonia works in Visual art and contemporary craft and works specifically with individual artists and makers, collectives, private galleries and public art organisations. Common needs for her clients are access to facilities and opportunities for experimentation and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Other needs include raising profile and achieving financial sustainability. Her clients are looking for collaboration in student engagement/placements, need for facilities, collaborative project ideas and are looking for opportunities for University involvement.

Sam Taft, Design

Sam works in Design, with design services and product designers. Some include interior design, graphic design, furniture, 3D printing, illustrators and more. Many of her clients are multidisciplinary in approach and work between design services and product development. For those clients looking to sell products, some common needs include marketing strategy, identifying target markets, product photography and developing a brand voice.