STEM Graduates into Business

About the project

STEM Graduates into Business provides opportunities for recent graduates in science, technology, engineering and maths to undertake 6–12 month paid internships with Devon-based, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Run by the University of Plymouth but open to STEM graduates from any university, these internships are a great way to gain CV enhancing work experience and build industry contacts.

For STEM graduates

Benefits of working for an SME

There are over 5000 SMEs across Devon that bring much to the local economy in terms of business output and employment. Graduates can overlook them in favour of large, well-known companies and miss out on the unique experience that working with an SME can provide. 

Working for an SME has many benefits including:

  • opportunities to work on key projects from the start
  • a varied workload in a more personable working environment
  • the potential of being given responsibility from an early stage
  • exposure to cutting-edge innovations and new-to-market products
  • a better chance to get noticed for your achievements by management
  • gaining exposure across the wider business, providing you with a more rounded experience.

For employers

Benefits of employing a graduate intern

Utilising the extensive channels of the University and its partners, the project unlocks opportunities to raise the visibility of your business to graduates whilst advocating the benefits of employment within an SME. 

The right people with the right skills in your team will energise your business. The project provides access to determined graduates with fresh, innovative ideas and the drive to develop professionally.

Ultimately through this project, more talented graduates will be retained in Devon which in turn will help strengthen the wider local economy.

What the project offers

  • Incentive payments of between £1,800–£3,600, for internships 6–12 months.
  • Free advertising of your internships on regional and national graduate platforms.
  • Promotion of your vacancies through exclusive University of Plymouth and strategic partner channels.
  • Supported creation of an eye-catching advert.
  • Coordination of the application process.
  • No recruitment fee.
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Employers we work with...

Project funding

STEM Graduates into Business is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Utilising this funding, the project aims to:

  • address SME innovation challenges through graduate internships focused on transformational business projects
  • raise leadership and management capability levels in SMEs, particularly regarding recruitment and employment
  • create a growing network of graduate employing SMEs across the area, leading to longer-term opportunities for graduates and their retention in the local economy.

The funding for this project is secure until 30 March 2021, regardless of the outcome of Britain’s departure from the European Union.

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