Gore at The Great Escape - credit: Ronan

Milo Gore at The Great Escape - credit: Ronan

The showcasing element of the programme gives practitioners the opportunity to increase awareness of Cornwall’s creative industries as well as networking with industry professionals by showcasing their businesses.

The showcasing scheme aims to:

  • support small cohorts of creative practitioners by giving them access to a key regional or national event / activity that has the potential to showcase their organisation and significantly extend their professional network.
  • offer coaching and mentoring for participants
  • involve student engagement /employability opportunities
  • give practitioners the opportunity to increase awareness of Cornwall’s creative industries 
  • offer the opportunity to network with industry professionals by showcasing their businesses.

This year, Showcasing has been very different! We have had to think outside of the box and extend the programme to include digital options to showcase the incredible work and talents of the creative businesses we work with in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. We hope to access key national and international events in 2021/22.

Past showcases


We partnered with Goodfest to deliver their first online festival. A festival in Cornwall exploring how to inspire sustainable change through purposeful ideas and actions. Featuring some exciting speakers such as Gillian Burke, Natalie Fee, Mark Shayler and more. The event ran in September 2021. 

Find out more about The Sustainable Creative Charter that was created as part of the event.

GoodFest graphic

The Nub Sessions (Performance Showcase)

The NUB Sessions is a breakthrough live studio magazine show that focuses on the local, national, and international music industry. With several live performances, we break the trend during these difficult times to bring people their fix of live music and entertainment via various online platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Instagram. With the first 4-part series in November and December 2020, we launched to a dedicated audience and were the exclusive platform for artists such as Tommy Ashby, Jamie Lawson and The Native to provide exclusive material. Now in our second series, we are beginning to build on these foundations and take it to the next level.

The NUB Sessions is comprised of leading industry expertise, all dedicated to making great content and now we are looking to add to our team via a series of opportunities.

This series of NUB sessions are a partnership project between NubSound and The University of Plymouth/Cultivator, as a part of our showcasing scheme.

The dates: 10 April, 17 April, 24 April, 1 May 2021.

SYNESTHESIA (Visual Arts Showcase)

SYNESTHESIA was a new experimental project facilitating collaboration between curator/writers and artists, and investigating the ways we experience art remotely using the transcending power of words and conversations, not only in the context of lockdown and restricted access to public spaces, but also to address the challenges that often face artists based outside of urban centres.

During this project, we worked with four curators/writers who selected ten artists based on Cornwall to work with. Each working with two artists, the curator/writer engaged in in-depth conversations about the artists’ work and produced a piece of writing that reviews and commentates on each of the artist’s work.

The writing and images of work were displayed on a CARGO COLLECTIVE site for three months and a digital publication of the essays were available for download. A programme of live or recorded interviews between the curator/writers and artists were also released periodically throughout the project.

The project has now closed, more information is available on the Synesthesia Instagram.

A team of students and tutors from the University of Plymouth supported this project using the iMayflower Innovative Placement Scheme, in areas such as web design, social media and marketing. Thanks to Florence Bonner and Natasha Bjorijs.

Synesthia - cultivator
I’m Westward Ho! | Stuart Robinson | 2019

Case study

Watch Florence Bonner, Graduate Intern, talk about working on the Visual Arts Showcase, Synesthesia.