Dr Nathaniel Clark

Dr Nathaniel Clark

Post Doctoral Research Fellow - Analytical Chemistry

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Weekend Technician for Fish and Rodent Facilities


BSc. (Hons) Marine Biology and Oceanography

MRes. Marine Biology

Ph.D. in Toxicology (2019). My thesis had three aims:

1. Investigate the dietary bioavailability and bioaccumulation of nanomaterials in fish using ex vivo and in vivo experiments.

2. Development of a suitable extraction protocol for nano silver from tissues, with subsequent quantification using single particle ICP-MS. 

3. An assessment of the bioavailability of nano silver to the mammalian gut. 

Research interests

Particle toxicology and chemistry (microplastics and nanomaterials)

Fish physiology and toxicology

Dietary accumulation/uptake in fish and rodents

Extraction of dissolved metals, metallic nanoparticles and nanoplastics from tissues

Quantification using single particle ICP-MS

Contaminant leaching from food using in vitro/in chemico digestibility assays

Species read across and tiered chemical testing strategies in line with the 3R's

Comparative vertebrate physiology

Other research



Grants & contracts

I currently work on two projects:

1. Current and Future Effects of Microplastics on Marine Shelf Ecosystems (MINIMISE) - NERC funded.

2. NanoHarmony - EU funded. 

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Clark NJ, Clough R, Boyle D & Handy RD 2021 'Quantification of particulate Ag in rainbow trout organs following dietary exposure to silver nitrate, or two forms of engineered silver nanoparticles' Environmental Science: Nano , DOI Open access
Boyle D, Catarino AI, Clark NJ & Henry TB 2020 'Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic fragments release Pb additives that are bioavailable in zebrafish' Environmental Pollution 263, 114422-114422 , DOI
Clark NJ, Woznica W & Handy RD 2020 'Dietary bioaccumulation potential of silver nanomaterials compared to silver nitrate in wistar rats using an ex vivo gut sac technique' Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 200, 110745-110745 , DOI Open access
Boyle D, Clark NJ, Botha TL & Handy RD 2020 'Comparison of the dietary bioavailability of copper sulphate and copper oxide nanomaterials in ex vivo gut sacs of rainbow trout: effects of low pH and amino acids in the lumen' Environmental Science: Nano 7, (7) 1967-1979 , DOI Open access
van der Zande M, Jemec Kokalj A, Spurgeon DJ, Loureiro S, Silva PV, Khodaparast Z, Drobne D, Clark NJ, van den Brink NW & Baccaro M 2020 'The gut barrier and the fate of engineered nanomaterials: a view from comparative physiology' Environmental Science: Nano , DOI Open access
Boyle D, Clark NJ & Handy RD 2019 'Toxicities of copper oxide nanomaterial and copper sulphate in early life stage zebrafish: Effects of pH and intermittent pulse exposure' Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 190, 109985-109985 , DOI Open access
Clark NJ, Boyle D & Handy RD 2019 'An assessment of the dietary bioavailability of silver nanomaterials in rainbow trout using an ex vivo gut sac technique' Environmental Science: Nano 6, (2) 646-660 Author Site , DOI Open access
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