Mr Matt Emery

Mr Matt Emery

Senior Technician (Microbiology)

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Preparation of Materials and cultures of Micro-organisms for Undergraduate teaching practicals. Support and management of both Teaching and Research laboratories for Microbiology, both classical (culture based) and Molecular based activities. Repair of equipment. Curator of the Universities Micro-organism collection (Bacteria and Fungi). 


Bsc (Hons) Biochemistry and Microbiology (Staffordshire university). Special interests involve clinical microbiology, and numerous microscopy techniques.

Professional membership

Member of SfAM (Society for applied Microbiology)



Research interests

Clinical microbiology, Environmental microbiology, Protozoology, Micropropagation of Carnivorous plants & Orchids




Andrea Marzi, Aisling A.Murphy, Friederike Feldmann, Christopher J. Parkins, Elaine Haddock, Patrick W.Hanley, Matthew J. Emery, Flora Engelmann, Ilhem Messaoudi, HeinzFeldmann & Michael A. Jarvis 2016 'Cytomegalovirus-based vaccine expressingEbola virus glycoprotein protects nonhuman primates from Ebola virus infection'Nature Scientific reports 6, 21764 (2016)

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Non-Peer reviewed:

Merrifield,D. L. & Emery, M. J. (2010)The probioticapproach to elevating the health of fish. International Aquafeed.Vol. 13, Issue4, July-Aug 2010, pp 36-38.

Presentations and posters

HolgerKühlwein, Christyn J Bailey, Catherine Mead, Matthew J Emery, SimonJ Davies, Daniel L Merrifield and Theodore Henry (2012)Effects of dietaryβ-glucan on zebrafish Danio reriomycobacteriosis.AquacultureAmerica 2012, Feb 28th-March 3rd, Las Vegas,USA

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