Coastal communities, the economy and economic policy

Coastal planning and regeneration

Dr Essex and students from MSc Planning have highlighted the challenges of undertaking the regeneration of coastal communities, the contested nature of redevelopment schemes and the environmental challenges these present including the integration of terrestrial and marine planning and the policy response of coastal planning authorities to climate change. Research includes:
<p>Coastal regeneration</p>

The underlying drivers of seaside towns

Drawing on a socioeconomic dataset of 58 of the largest seaside towns, Professor Agarwal led a project which sought to understand why some coastal areas are economically 'lagging' while others are 'leading'. Through a multi-tiered approach, drawing on a unique bespoke 'seaside town' database, the project assessed seaside towns' economic performance along with a set of associated common socioeconomic characteristics.
<p>Colorful seaside village of Brixham Devon.&nbsp;Credit: Geoff Eccles, courtesy of Getty Images<br></p>

Sustainable policy solutions

The University's Marine Institute is exploring the development of sustainable policy solutions, including through the blue economy. Plymouth has launched the UK's first National Marine Park (NMP), a novel Government initiative that could become the blueprint for other locations. Supported by scientists, businesses, community groups and policy makers, the NMP aims to engage city dwellers with the sea to maximise Plymouth Sound's value for recreation, industry and well-being.

Aerial view of Plymouth Sound


The blue economy

With research across multiple and interacting sectors of the blue economy, Professor Austen has researched renewable energy, fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, recreation and leisure and the broader marine natural capital, and ecosystem services and their benefits. To support policy development, regulation and management for sustainable ecosystems in the UK and internationally, her research integrates natural, economic, social and public health sciences.
<p>Blue Communities: a fisherman casts his net<br></p>

The new English freeports

Looking at the development of the new English freeports, Dr Holden and Dr Harmer are researching how the Plymouth and South Hams Freezone will be viewed by and affect local communities and stakeholders.
<p>Plymouth Sound: Ariel view of Plymouth waterfront from the Hoe to the Dockyard and beyond.</p>


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