Dr Alun Morgan

Dr Alun Morgan

Lecturer in Education

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)


Lecturer in Education

I lead courses on Environmental and Sustainability Education, Global Education and Outdoor Learning. 
I have worked in a variety of contexts over thirty years including as a schoolteacher, teacher advisor, lecturer and researcher in a number of Higher Education Institutions. 
I work across educational phases (Primary through to Higher Education); and sectors (formal-informal).
I promote intergenerational, lifelong and community-based learning. 
I have a long-standing research interest in Place and Landscape as integrative concepts for learning; and have a particular interest in Ocean
Literacy and Marine Citizen Science.


PhD MSc PGDip (SciSoc) PGCE BSc (Hons) CGeog

Professional membership

FRGS - Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (with Institute of British Geographers)

CGeog - Chartered Geographer
BERA (British Educational Research Association) 
EMSEA (European Marine Science Educators Network)
GA (Geographical Association)
IOL (Institute of Outdoor Learning)
MBA (Marine Biological Association) 

Roles on external bodies

Editorial Board Member: International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning (IJDEG)


Teaching interests

Environmental Communication, Education and Interpretation 
Education for Sustainability 
Outdoor Learning
Science Education
Geography Education
Geoscience Education
Earth Systems Science Education/Global Science Literacy
Place Based Education
Ocean Literacy 

Staff serving as external examiners

External Evaluator

The Big Jurassic Classroom Gets Creative with Earth Science (funded byPSTT); 

INQUIRE- inquiry-based teacher training for a sustainable future EC FP7SiS-2010- (2011-2013)

External Examining 

University of Worcester: BA (Hons) Primary and Outdoor Education (2014-present); 

University of Wales Trinity St David's PGCE Secondary Geography (2013-2017)

Universityof Plymouth MSc Learning for Sustainability (2011-2014); 

Goldsmith’s PGCE Geography (2005-2008); 

Nottingham University BEd for Overseas TrainedTeachers (2005-2006)

Course Evaluation and Accreditation - Member of Visiting Team of Experts commissionedby Evaluation Committee of Private Universites (ECPU) of the Republic of Cyprus in the Evaluation of proposed MSc inEducation for the Environment and Sustainable Development,  Frederick University (June 2009)

External Assessor for Forum for the Future’s ‘Masters in Leadershipfor Sustainable Development’ (course revalidation through Middlesex University)(March 2010)

AdvisoryBoard - 

2019-present: Panel of Experts member for CREATIONs Project (EU H2020, 2016-2019);
2019-present: Panel of Experts member for Ocean Connections (H2020 Erasmus +, UoE £65k)

2015-17: UK Steering Groups of the EU funded Sea Change (H2020-EU.3.2. ID: 652644) 
2015-17: UK Steering Group of Phenologit Erasmus+ (2015-1-UK01-KA201-013537)
2009-13: Expert Panel for ‘Global Partnerships as sites for mutual learning: teachers' professional development through study visits’ ESRC funded(Reference No. RES-061-25-0402)

Expert contributor to Digital Explorer KS2-4 educational resource development for ‘Submarine STEM’ (2016) and ‘Ocean Plastics’ (2018). 

Research interests

Environmental Education; Education for Sustainability; Outdoor Learning; Geoscience Education; Place Based Education; Ocean Literacy 

I am currently: 

University Practice Setting Researcher in Residence (UPS RiR) with Devon Wildlife Trust
University Practice Setting Researcher in Residence (UPS RiR) with National Marine Aquarium 

Institutional co-Lead for LOFE (Learning Outside of Formal Education) Research Excellence Cluster.

Convenor: Peninsula Research in Outdoor Learning (PRinOL) Network.

Other research

2017-present: ‘NANOL - Nurturing Affinity to Nature through Outdoor Learning in Special Places’ (Institutional Lead) Erasmus+ :2017-1-ES01-KA201-038635)

2016-2019: PedRIO Project: ‘Service Learning for Sustainability: A feasibility study into the potential for a new learning opportunity at Plymouth’ (related to Place Based Education – Award: £8,486

2014-16: PedRIO Project ‘Implementing and Evaluating a Method of Co-operative Inquiry to Embed Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) across all programmes offered by Plymouth Institute of Education;

2014: ‘Young enquiring Minds’ (EU Comenius Regio Partnership Scheme LLP)

2013-2014: ‘RETAIN’ Collaboration, Innovation and Creativity – Means to RETAIN Teachers in Schools (EU Comenius Multilateral Project LLP)

2011-2014 ‘INSTEM: Innovation Networks in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics’ (2011-2015) Comenius Network: 527333-LLP-1-2012-1-DE-Comenius-CNW

2010-2012 ‘Science Education for Diversity’ (SED) EC FP7-SiS 244717

2006-09 ‘Leading Sustainable Schools’ Phase 1 & 2 - IOE, London/WWF-UK/Forum for the Future funded by National College for School Leadership (NCSL)

2005-2008 ‘Through Other Eyes’ Project: Project Development Team (Funding from DfID Development Awareness Fund)

2004-2005 ‘Leadership and education for sustainable development’ WWF/NCSL Pilot e-learning course

2002-2004 Research Officer: DUNES Project (Dialogical and ArgUmentative Negotiation Educational Software) EC FP5 IST-2001-34153

2002-2007 PhD Research (Thesis Title:- Minding the World: Integral Transformative Learning for Geographical and Environmental Wisdom)

Research degrees awarded to supervised students


The Contribution of Indigenous Knowledge to an Environmental Education Programme: A Study in St Katherine Protectorate, South Sinai, Egypt
Yousria AbdEl Rahman, Egypt
Awarded - 2009 

Influence of Fieldwork on the Cognitive and Affective Learning of Primary School Children aged 10-11 in Cyprus: A study in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus
Anna Nicolaou, Cyprus
Awarded - 2010

Grants & contracts

2020-present: Knowledge Exchange HEIF Funding (Faculty of Arts and Humanities) Award holder: ‘Ocean City Learning Portal ’ - £2,500 

2020-present: Researcher in Residence with National Marine Aquarium (Ocean Conservation Trust) – University Practice Setting (UPS)

2019-present: Public Health Dorset ‘Emotional Health and Wellbeing through Physical Activity Whole School Approach’ evaluation - Team Member - £15,000

2019 Marine Institute HEIF Funding - Award holder: ‘Educator and Scientist Training: Using real science to enhance learning and engage young people with the marine environment’ - £2,470

2019 Faculty of Arts and Humanities HEIF 18/19 Strategic Investment Funding (SIF) - Award Holder ‘Collaborative Learning: Social Working at the Bridge’ - £3,000

2019 – R1 Funded Study Visit: ‘Plymouth – the Civic University as a Driver of Place-Based Social Learning for Sustainability: Cascading lessons from Vancouver’ - Award Holder - £1,500 

2018-present: Researcher in Residence with Devon Wildlife Trust – University Practice Setting (UPS)

2017-present: ‘NANOL - Nurturing Affinity to Nature through Outdoor Learning in Special Places’ Erasmus+ (2017-1-ES01-KA201-038635) - Institutional Lead and budget holder. UoP: €13,620 (Project total: €124,620)

2017: PIOE Travel Budget Conference Attendance - 9th World Environmental Education Congress - Environment and Culture: Weaving the Connections in Vancouver, BC, Canada from 9th-15th September - £1,000

2016-2019: PedRIO Project: ‘Service Learning for Sustainability: A feasibility study into the potential for a new learning opportunity at Plymouth’ – Award Holder : £8,486

2015: Visiting Academic - Technische Universität München (TUM), Germany (7.07.15-18.07.15) Erasmus+ 'Higher Education Mobility Agreement' - £1,000

2015: R1 Funded Conference Attendance - 8th World Environmental Education Congress - Planet & People in Gothenburg, Sweden from 27th June to 3rd July - £1,218.70

Key publications are highlighted

Morgan AD 2019 '‘Salting’: preserving, seasoning, savouring, purifying and transforming through ‘marine adventuring’, Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning' Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning , DOI PEARL
Morgan AD 2018 'Culturing the fruits of the forest: realising the multifunctional potential of space and place in the context of woodland and/or Forest Schools' Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education , DOI PEARL
Morgan A 2012 'Inclusive place-based education for ‘Just Sustainability’' International Journal of Inclusive Education 16, (5-6) 627-642 , DOI
Morgan AD 2010 'Journeys Into Transformation' Journal of Transformative Education 8, (4) 246-268 , DOI
Morgan AD 2010 'The Lord of the Rings – a mythos applicable in unsustainable times?' Environmental Education Research 16, (3 & 4) 383-399 Publisher Site
Morgan AD 2009 'Learning communities, cities and regions for sustainable development and global citizenship' Local Environment 14, (5) 443-459 , DOI
Morgan A 2006 'Developing Geographical Wisdom: Postformal Thinking About, and Relating To, the World' International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 15, (4) 336-352 , DOI
Morgan AD 2006 'Argumentation, Geography Education and ICT' Geography 91, (2) 126-140
Morgan AD 2005 'The Global Dimension: Contexts Within Contexts' Zeitschrift für Internationale Bildunsforschung und Entwicklungspädagogik 28, 26-28
Morgan AD & Waite S 2018 'Nestling into the World: The Importance of Place and Mutuality in the Early Years' in Huggins V; Evans D Early Childhood Care and Education for Sustainability: International perspectives London Routledge 55-66
Morgan AD, Wegerif, R, Postlethwaite KP, Skinner N, Mansour N & Hetherington LEJ 2013 'Dialogic Science Education for Diversity' in Wegerif R; Mansour N Science Education for Diversity: Theory and Practice Dordrecht, NL Springer
Morgan AD 2011 'Morality and geography education' in Butt G Geography, Education and the Future London Continuum 187-205
Morgan AD 2011 'Place-based education versus geography education?' Geography, Education and the Future London Contiuum 84-108
Morgan AD 2011 'Places of Transformation in the Secret Garden' in Horne JC; Sanders JS Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden at 100 Lanham, MD Scarecrow Press 81-98
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Morgan AD 2009 'Education for Sustainable Development and Geography Education' in Brooks C Studying PGCE Geography at M-Level: Reflection, research and writing for professional development Routledge Publisher Site
Morgan AD 2008 'Growing up in Outer London – a UK ‘Youthscape’ Case Study' in Gerber R Children’s Lifeworlds: Locating Indigenous Voices New York Nova Science Publishers 101-117
Morgan AD 2006 'Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship: The ‘New Agenda’ for Geographical Education in England and Wales' in Chi-kin Lee J; Williams M Environmental and Geographic Education for Sustainability New York Nova Science Publisher Inc.

Reports & invited lectures

Morgan, A. (2019) 'Plymouth – a Civic University as a Driver of Place-Based Social Learning for Sustainability' presented at Royal Roads University, Victoria, Vancouver Island, June 24th 2019

Morgan, A. (2014) The Campus as a Living Laboratory - Exploring place-based approaches to ESD, University of Cardiff, 12th February 2014 – Expert Rapporteur

Morgan, A. (2013) ‘What .. or Who … is Science Education For?’ Exeter Cafe Scientifique, 13th May 2013, Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter

Morgan, A. (2010) ‘Geography Education and Education for Sustainability: An Excellent Climate for Change?’ presented at Scottish Association of Geography Teachers Annual Conference: Geography for Excellence, Hutchesons’ Grammar School, Glasgow, Saturday 23, October 2010

Morgan, A. (2009) ‘Place Based Learning for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship’ presented at Humanities Education Centre AGM, Humanities Education Centre, Tower Hamlets Professional Development Centre, London, November 10th, 2009

Morgan, A. (2009) ‘Learning for a sustainable future: perspectives from Geography’ presented at Enabling a connected curriculum: opportunities for global learning at key stage 3 (TIDE-Global Learning Secondary Conference), Millennium Point, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 5th March, 2009

Morgan, A. (2007) ‘Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship in the UK’ in The Contribution of Universities to Civil Society (1st International Academic Interchange Meeting between the Graduate School of Human Development and Environment (HDE), Kobe University and the Institute of Education, University of London)’ Kobe, December 11-14 2007s

Morgan, A. (2005) ‘What’s the Place of Fieldwork? – the UK Experience’ presented at Taiwan Geographical Society Workshop on the Teaching of Fieldwork, HSNU, Taipei, Taiwan, July 16, 2005

Morgan, A. (2005) ‘Geographical Education in the UK’ presented at NTNU Geographical Education Symposium, NTNU, Taipei, Taiwan, July 11, 2005

Other academic activities

Conferences Organised

Peninsula Research in Outdoor Learning (PRinOL) Inaugural Conference. Friday January 18th 2019. 10.00am – 4.00pm. University of Plymouth, Plymouth, Devon, UK

Making it Happen: Outdoor Learning in the Primary School Curriculum - Research into Practice. Peninsula Research in Outdoor Learning (PRinOL) in partnership with the Association for the Study of Primary Education. Wednesday January 22nd 2020. 10:00-16:00 Plymouth Marjon University, Plymouth, Devon, UK

International Research in Development Education and Global Learning (IRDEGL)

Editorial Board Member; Reviewer

Environmental Education Research (EER)

regular ‘book reviewer’; regular article ‘peer reviewer’

International Journal of Science Education (IJSE)

regular 'peer reviewer'

University of Exeter 

Honorary Lecturer 

Carnegie Trust 

Research Incentive Grant - reviewer