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Official Document Centre (ODC)

The ODC has had an upgrade to make it easier to find and publish official documents, templates or links.

The ODC is dedicated to enabling access to the most current version of any official University document.
It is accessible to all university staff and students, who will be able to view and print the documents. 

Documents in the ODC cannot be downloaded to any device (with the exception of PDF files, templates and forms). This ensures that only up to date copies of documents are in circulation.

Visit the Official Document Centre

Links to materials on this page will require a University login


  • Search by title, keyword, phrase, author or document type
  • View-only documents to ensure only current files are in circulation
  • Easily accessible so you don't have to save your own copy of a document for later use
  • Retention date set on all official documents ensures they are current
  • Downloadable templates and forms


  • All University official documentation in one place
  • Access to the single, validated, source of truth
  • Quick access to University templates and forms
  • Access this information at any time and on any device
  • Similar function to your OneDrive for Business

Publishing to the Official Document Centre

Each University of Plymouth site has its own ODC Submission Library, in which site owners, administrators and members can create or upload documents or links to be published.

Once a document or link is published, it can be viewed in the Official Document Centre by all staff and students.

All published documents/links are allocated a retention date of one year. Once this date is imminent, an automated reminder email is sent to the person who last updated the document/link, advising that an action is required to update it.

The new and updated version of the ODC means that publishing is a much simpler process with no need to get a document approved, you just click a button and it's done. 

A user guide on how to submit documents to the Official Document Centre can be found below.

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