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Our students benefit from learning in an environment where they feel included and where they are taught in ways that recognise and support their needs as individuals, and as part of a learning community. Our commitment to inclusivity means we recognise and value our diverse student body. It also means we take measures to improve the success of specific groups, where research has shown that the route to educational success is less straightforward. 
Staff need to strive to deliver inclusive practice from ‘admissions to alumni ‘and anticipate a range of additional needs for all students at all stages of the student journey including:
  • realistic admissions that enable achievement
  • early identification, communication about students support needs
  • anticipating reasonable adjustments and utilising the Reasonable Adjustment Review Panel
  • consistent and effective personal tutoring
  • effective teaching and learning and post session support
  • inclusive assessment and feedback
  • field trips/off campus activities, laboratory and practical work
  • academic study skills and pastoral support
  • locating and supporting placements
  • employment and advice about further study.
This website is an accessible guide to inclusive learning and teaching to support staff with the continual process of reflection and engagement with what inclusivity means for their subject, school or faculty and their students. If you do not have much time, check out our quick advice overview which provides further links and some simple suggestions on inclusive teaching and learning practices. 

What is Inclusivity?

It means to me every student being included in everything, not so much equal because everyone has different needs, everyone needs different things but it’s about everyone being able to access the same things and be included in everything

Inclusivity Resources Introduction

Being an inclusive university means that all our students, whatever their backgrounds, feel like they have equal opportunities to succeed in their studies and to enjoy a positive and fulfilling student experience