Research and publications

Core facilities, such as Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre (PEMC), provide the University research community and partner organisations with state-of-the-art instrumentation and expertise, which adds to and improves research outputs. 

We have captured the range of academic partners we work within the following list of published research.

With the help of the national EM community and The Royal Microscopical Society, PEMC has created a publication policy and from 1 January 2018, all users of PEMC are required to adhere to this policy in their future publications resulting from any level of PEMC support. 

Please see below to download the publication policy and the sign-up form.

Academic publications

Langendam, A., Tomkins, A.G., MacRae, C., Wilson, N., Evans, K. & Stephen, N.R. (2021) CHOS gas/fluid-induced reduction in Ureilites, Meteoritics and Planetary Science DOI

Staddon, L., Darling, J.R., Schwarz, W.H., Stephen, N.R., Schuindt, S., Dunlop, J. & Tait, K.T. (2021) Dating the age of martian mafic crust; microstructurally constrained baddeleyite geochronology of enriched shergottites Zagami, Northwest Africa (NWA) 7257 and NWA 8679, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, DOI

Wenzel, A., Filiberto, J., Stephen, N.R., Schwenzer, S.P. & Hammond, S.J. (2021) Constraints on the petrologic history of gabbroic shergottite Northwest Africa 6963 from pyroxene zoning profiles and electron backscattered diffraction, Meteoritics & Planetary Science 56, 1744-1757, DOI

Mitchell, J.T., Tomkins, A.G., Newton, C. & Johnson, T.E. (2021), A model for evolving crust on 4 Vesta through combined compositional and thermal modelling, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 571, 117105 DOI

Langer, G., Taylor, A.R., Walker, C.E., Meyer, E.M, Joseph, O.Z, Gal, A., Harper, G.M., Probert, I., Brownlee, C. & Wheeler, G.L. (2021) Role of silicon in the development of complex crystal shapes in coccolithophores, New Phytologist 231, 5 1845-1857 DOI

Tomkins, A.G., Johnson, T.E. & Mitchell, J.T. (2020), A review of the chondrite-achondrite transition, and a metamorphic facies series for equilibrated primitive stony meteorites, Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 55, 857-885 DOI

Tomkins, A.G., Alkemade, S.L., Nutku, S.E., Stephen, N.R., Finch, M.A. & Jeon, H (2020) A small S-MIF signal in Martian regolith pyrite: Implications for the atmosphere, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 290, 59-75 DOI

Jansen-Sturgeon, T., Hartig, B.A.D., Madsen, G.J., Bland, P.A., Sansom, E.K., Devillepoix, H.A.R., Howie, R.M., Cupak, M., Towner, M.C., Cox, M.A., Nevill, N.D., Hoskins, Z.N.P., Bonning, G.P., Calcino, J., Clark, J.T., Henson, B.M., Langendam, A., Matthews, S.J., McClafferty, T.P., Mitchell, J.T., O'Neill, C.J., Smith, L.T., Tait, A.W. (2020), Recreating the OSIRIS-REx slingshot manoeuvre from a network of ground-based sensors, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 37, e049 DOI

Knights, AM, Norton, MJ, Lemasson, AJ & Stephen, NR (2020) 'Ocean Acidification Mitigates the Negative Effects of Increased Sea Temperatures on the Biomineralization and Crystalline Ultrastructure of Mytilus', Frontiers in Marine Science DOI

Hutt, LP, Harper, GM, Moody, AJ & Boden, R. (2020) 'Insights into growth kinetics and roles of enzymes of Krebs’ cycle and sulfur oxidation during exochemolithoheterotrophic growth of Achromobacter aegrifaciens NCCB 38021 on succinate with thiosulfate as the auxiliary electron donor', Archives in Microbiology DOI

Tomkins AG, Alkemade SL, Nutku SE, Stephen NR, Finch MA & Jeon H (2020) 'A small S-MIF signal in Martian regolith pyrite: Implications for the atmosphere' Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Publisher Site , DOI PEARL

Giles S, Jackson C & Stephen N (2020) 'Barriers to fieldwork in undergraduate geoscience degrees' Nature Reviews Earth & Environment 1, (2) 77-78 , DOI PEARL

D.M.Haspel, M.A.Ashworth, L.Wu, G.D.Wilcox, X.Bao & R.J.Mortimer (2019) The effect of different post-electroplating surface modification treatments on tin whisker growth, Transactions of the IMF, 97, 3, 129-139, DOI

MacArthur, J.L., Bridges, J.C., Hicks, L.J., Burgess, R., Joy, K.H., Branney, M.J., Hansford, G.M., Baker, S.H., Schwenzer, S.P., Gurman, S.J., Stephen, N.R., Steer, E.D., Piercy, J.D. & Ireland, T.R. (2019) Mineralogical constraints on the thermal history of martian regolith breccia Northwest Africa 8114 Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 246, 267-298 DOI

Doyle S, Hansen DB, Vella J, Bond P, Harper G, Zammit C, Valentino M & Fern R (2018) 'Vesicular glutamate release from central axons contributes to myelin damage' Nature Communications 9, (1) , DOI PEARL 

King, A.J., Schofield, P.F., Stephen, N.R., Frogley, M.D., Cinque, G. & Russell, S.S. (2018) Investigating the history of volatiles in the solar system using synchrotron infrared micro-spectroscopy Infrared Physics and Technology 94, 244-249 DOI 

Langan LM, Harper GM, Owen SF, Purcell WM, Jackson SK & Jha AN (2017) 'Application of the rainbow trout derived intestinal cell line (RTgutGC) for ecotoxicological studies: molecular and cellular responses following exposure to copper' Ecotoxicology 26, (8) pp 1117-1133 , DOI PEARL 

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Bilton, D, Tourraint, E, Turner, C, Balke, M (2015). Capeloatus prykei gen. et sp.n. (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae: Copelatinae) – a phylogenetically isolated diving beetle from the Western Cape of South Africa, Systematic Entomology, Volume 40 Issue 3, p520-531 (Acknowledgements: Dr Roy Moate and Glenn Harper).

Consolaro, C, Rasmussen, TL, Panier, G, Mienert, J, Bunz, S, Sztybor, K (2015). Carbon isotope (δ13C) excursions suggest times of major methane release during the last 14 kyr in Fram Strait, the deep-water gateway to the Arctic, Climate of the Past, 11, p669-685 (Acknowledgements: Plymouth EMC).

M.A.Ashworth, D.Haspel, L.Wu, G.D.Wilcox & R.J.Mortimer, An Investigation into the Effect of a Post-Electroplating Electrochemical Oxidation Treatment on Tin Whisker Formation, Journal of Electronic Materials, 44, 442-456, 2015 DOI