Plymouth Integrative Health and Social Care Education Centre (PIHC)

What is PIHC? 

We are staff and students from across the Faculty of Health. We are the University of Plymouth’s partner organisations. We are patients, clients and service users. Together we will make learning with, from and about each other a key part of every student’s experience.

Interprofessional learning is widely acknowledged to be important, yet most students experience relatively little of it. Organising interprofessional learning across multiple courses, schools and faculties is a significant challenge.

Plymouth's Faculty of Health unites a range of professions and subjects unusual in UK universities. PIHC exploits this to drive forward interprofessional learning. Well-resourced and with committed leadership, PIHC's mission is to ensure that by 2024 all our courses have a significant element of interprofessional learning.

The core PIHC Team comprises a Director, Dr Phil Gee; an Interprofessional Learning Lead (IPLL) from each of the Faculty's six schools (Nursing and Midwifery, Health Professions, Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry, Medicine and Psychology); a Postdoctoral Research Fellow; and a Project Administrator.

PIHC also includes students, university staff, our health and social care partners and their patients, clients and service users to deliver interprofessional learning activities.

Interprofessional learning (IPL) is sometimes seen only as a means to improve outcomes once students graduate and start work in health and social care. Of course, that's hugely important and is the main reason for our dedication to IPL. However, we also see learning with, from and about other professions as an enriching and valuable experience and an important part of being a student at the University of Plymouth.  We are particularly excited by what we can offer students, including those in Psychology and Biomedical Sciences, who are not intending to graduate into a health or social care profession. These students have different perspectives and valuable insights to offer other health and social care students: working together will provide insight and inspiration for everyone.