Dr Phil Gee

Dr Phil Gee

Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning

Faculty of Health



Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning in the Faculty of Health

Director of the Plymouth Integrative Health & social care education Centre (PIHC)

Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology


I started my research career in the Microbiology Department at Rothamsted Experimental Station. I made the switch to Psychology in 1986 and gained both my BSc and PhD at the University of Plymouth. My first postdoctoral position was in the Consumer Sciences Department of the Institute of Food Research at Reading. I returned to Plymouth as a Lecturer in 1995.



Teaching interests

Year 1 BSc Psychology: Evolutionary Psychology; Animal Welfare

Year 2 BSc Psychology: Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology; Educational Psychology
Year 4 BSc Psychology / MSc Psychology: Animal Behaviour; Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology



Research interests

eBooks in Higher Education, Behaviour Analysis and Positive Behavioural Support, Citizen Science, Temporal Discrimination, Animal Behaviour and Enrichment in Captive Animals.

Other research

Recent conferences:

Harding, S. A., Gee, P. & Bryson, P. J. Personality factors as predictors of decompression illness. Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society Annual Scientific Meeting, Sydney, Australia, 26th - 29th May, 2004.

Bradford, J., Gee, P. & Lea, S.E.G. Temporal discounting in adolescents with emotional and behavioural difficulties and undergraduate students: A novel computer task. Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior, 31st Annual Conference. Chicago, 22-24th May 2008.

Gee, P. The Plymouth eBook Project. Meetings at a number of locations, including London, Cambridge, Manchester, Athens, Cannes, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Various dates between 2011 and 2015.

Other recent publications:

Bradford, J., Thomas, A., Gee, P. & Caldwell, C. (2004). An enriching method to investigate colour discrimination in foraging behaviour of small primates. Zoo Federation Research Newsletter Vol. 5 No. 3.



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Irvine MA, Brunstrom JM, Gee P & Rogers PJ (2013) 'Increased familiarity with eating a food to fullness underlies increased expected satiety' Appetite 61, (0) 13-18 Author Site , DOI
Harding S & Gee P (2008) 'Personality as a predisposing factor for DCI: a pilot study' Diving Hyperb Med 38, (3) 134-138 Author Site
Gee P (2007) 'Mobile Telephones and Behavioural Research' European Journal of Behavior Analysis 8, (2) 193-201 , DOI
Gee P (2007) 'Mobile Telephones and Behavioural Research' European Journal of Behaviour Analysis 8, 193-201
Gee P, Stephenson D & Wright DE (1994) 'Temporal discrimination learning of operant feeding in goldfish (Carassius auratus)' J Exp Anal Behav 62, (1) 1-13 Author Site , DOI
Gee P (2014) 'The Plymouth Ebook Project' in Woodward H Ebooks in education: Realising the vision. London Ubiquity Press


Other academic activities

I spearheaded a project to supply first year undergraduate psychology students with ebook copies of their core reading. Those entering the psychology programme in 2011 were given access to 12 downloadable texts that comprised the main recommended reading for all of their core lectures. In 2012 this project was extended to cover core second year psychology modules, and to the first year of five other programmes in the Faculty of Science and Technology. In 2014 it was further extended to cover approximately new 7,000 students across the university.