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Compassion can be and has been perceived as, an optional element of healthcare education yet compassion is also perceived as an essential component of humane and efficient healthcare.
The Collaboration for Compassion in Healthcare Education (C4CHEd) aims to look at how this disconnect might be addressed and how the recent increase in research and interest in compassionate practice education can be consolidated, disseminated and amplified for greater impact.
Our 2023 events include quarterly meetings for members and our annual conference:
  • 20 April 09:30–10:30
  • 29 June 13:00–14:00
  • 19 September 16:00–17:00
  • 6 December 09:00–17:00 (All day conference)

The Inaugural Compassion in Healthcare Education Conference

A virtual conference held by the University of Plymouth in December 2020 was the first step in starting to share Sarah Tobin’s work along with that of a number of more established researchers and academics who all aim to promote and champion the concept of compassionate practice and education. The patient’s voice was also heard loudly and clearly at the conference and it was abundantly clear the impact of compassionate care on the individual. 
The conference provided the opportunity to canvas interest in forming a group – the enthusiasm was evident as was the well-spring of experience, ideas and current initiatives. The evidence that many people work to promote compassionate practice was very clear as was the understanding that the impact could be even greater if resources and ideas were pooled and shared – the Collaboration for Compassion in Healthcare Education was born.
Witnessing a failing in kindness and its devastating impact on a patient, Sarah began her journey to understand compassion: 
A Concept Analysis of Compassion in Healthcare Practice

Compassion is a vital component of not only humane healthcare but of sustainable, effective and efficient care. The aim of C4CHEd is to try and establish understanding of this ‘skill’ as an important element of healthcare education

Dr Sarah Tobin


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