Dr Ness Avery

Dr Ness Avery

Clinical Lecturer in Dental Education

Peninsula Dental School (Faculty of Health)



Ness has worked as a GDP since 2012 and has a clinical interest in orthodontics, focusing mainly on clear aligner appliances.She has started working with Plymouth University in 2020 as a Clinical Supervisor at the Derriford DEF, working mainly with Year 5 BDS students and Year 3 BDTH students. In 2021 she started facilitating EBL sessions for Year 1 BDS and BDTH students.
In addition to these roles, in 2022 Ness started working as a Clinical Lecturer in Dental Education, working with all year groups within the BDS and BDTH students.
She also has the following roles within the dental school:
- Interprofessional learning co-lead
- Remediation lead
- Professionalism Development lead for BDS (Years 1-3)

She has an academic interest in Oral Microbiology.


- Integrated Master's with dissertation on Oral microbial proteome
- Postgraduate Diploma in Clear Aligner Orthodontics (2022)
- Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education (2023)
- Currently studying towards obtaining a Master's degree in Orthodontics

Professional membership

Registered GDP
Associate Fellow of Advance HE
Member of the British Dental Association
Member of the British Association of Private Dentistry (BAPD)

Roles on external bodies

Dental medicine consultant for the Portuguese non-profit organisation Associacao Longevitatis