Dental students set to help address oral health care in Peru

Dr Sophie Homer

“My work focuses on wellbeing, particularly at work or university, and I am an advocate for holistic, preventative approaches towards mental health. It’s not just doing the research, but sharing it for wider benefit that I find so important.”
Lecturer in Psychology 
Sophie Homer Psychology PhD Student Medium Resolution Image

Natalie Sobey 

“After completing my A levels, I worked as a chemistry technician at my old school for a year. I then went on to complete a degree in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Plymouth, and jumped at the chance to work there when a technical role came up. Twelve years later and I am still here, enhancing my skills and knowledge every day. I have gone from a technical assistant, to technical support coordinator and into my current role of Faculty of Health Clinical Skills Technical Manager. I now manage a team of ten technicians across our campuses, leading on the provision of clinical skills simulation facilities for undergraduate and postgraduate training and I feel very lucky to work with such amazing people and state of the art facilities.”
Faculty Clinical Skills Technical Manager 
Natalie sobey

Dr Helen Watson

“I believe very strongly that everyone should have an opportunity to go to university if they want to, regardless of what school they went to, what their parents do or what colour their skin is. I also believe that gender should not influence life chances either, which is why I now lead our departmental and university Athena Swan committees, with the aim to remove gender inequality from HE (one step at a time).”
Associate Professor of Bioscience 
Biological chemistry video 1 with Helen Watson

Professor Sally Hanks

“I was the first person in my family to go to university, and it’s this personal experience that drives me to help others be the best they can be, regardless of background.”
Head of Teaching and Learning, Peninsula Dental School
Sally Hanks

Dr Eny Ekebuisi

“We must always remember that we are all valuable for our invisible differences, as well as those we can see – for example, I’m a BAME woman, but I’m also from a disadvantaged background, and have experienced different health concerns. It’s vital that we listen to, and open up opportunities for, everybody. I’m passionate about helping people to achieve their best.”
Lecturer and Clinical Tutor in the School of Psychology 
Dr Eny Ekebuisi

Dr Claudia Barros

“My work investigates how neural stem cells could be used to treat conditions like dementia or brain cancer, and for me the most important aspect of a career in science is to be passionate about it – I am always inspired when scientists talk enthusiastically about their work.”
Associate Professor of Neuroscience
Dr Claudia Barros, Lecturer in Neuroscience

Dr Camille Carroll

“Being a clinician and a researcher is a real privilege. Our patients are our inspiration and motivate us in our quest to understand their conditions and find hope for the future.”
Honorary Consultant Neurologist
Dr Camille Carroll, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Clinical Neuroscience

Dr Tina Joshi

“Having grown up and seen family tragedy, I used to wonder ‘what am I here for?’, and I knew that I didn’t want to have a life where it didn’t mean anything. Now, I have my science and I want to use it to do something about some of the issues in the world. It gives me energy to enjoy life, and I hope my students feel the same way too.”
Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology in the School of Biomedical Sciences 
Dr Tina Joshi

Professor Cathy Coelho

“Equality, diversity and inclusion is an area close to my heart because, through raising a daughter with a learning disability, I know what it feels like to be marginalised and to have to fight for what is given freely to others. Through her I have learnt to advocate for people who do not have a loud voice and act as a positive role model to help people learn acceptance and tolerance. I am passionate about challenging inequalities and prejudices.”
Associate Professor of Education, Peninsula Dental School 
Dr Cathy Coelho, who has been promoted to Senior Lecturer at Plymouth University Peninsula School of Dentistry

Professor Mona Nasser 

“My research involves a critical evaluation of how research is prioritised, conducted and implemented, to understand the best ways with which to identify and address current gaps in knowledge. I am very lucky to work with a diverse group of scientists from different countries, men and women with different life experiences. These diversities are crucial to ensure a constructive discussions in science on how we can find better ways to conduct research.” 
Clinical Lecturer in Evidence Based Dentistry
Dr Mona Nasser, Clinical Lecturer in Evidence Based Dentistry 

Dr Gail Rees

“For me it's about communicating the latest in nutrition research, so that people can use that knowledge in their everyday lives.”
Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Gail Rees, Acting Deputy Head of the School of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences

Dr Sam Regan de Bere

“I find it immensely rewarding to know that my research helps to unlock the potential for patients and doctors to work together in a mutually beneficial relationship that supports improvements in both medicine and wider society.”
Lecturer in Medical Humanities
Dr Sam Regan de Bere, Lecturer in Medical Humanities

Boikhutso Shianyana 

“We become better educators and learners when we intentionally include and value our unique differences in our teaching and learning. In our nursing department we have recorded inclusive teaching materials to embrace our diverse staff and student body. We also plan to equip our clinical skills facilities with diverse mannequins. Our aim is to produce nurses who can deliver quality care to all patient regardless of their diversity.”
Lecturer in Adult Nursing
Boikhutso Shianyana, Lecturer in Nursing