Thriving in the NHS

About the course

‘Thriving in the NHS’ is a free, two-week pre-sessional online course for international students holding offers to study UG/PGT programmes in the Faculty of Health. 
Course aims: to help students feel better equipped to thrive in their respective future NHS, health and social care settings. 
Course content (16 hours per week): 
  • an introduction to the culture and structure of the NHS
  • NHS values and focus on patient-centred care 
  • the role of evidence-based and reflective practice in the UK context
  • what it means to be ‘culturally competent’ in an NHS setting.


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How will this course benefit me?

 ‘Thriving in the NHS’ offers a unique opportunity for participants to: 
  • enhance their ‘cultural fluency’ in the healthcare context
  • establish networks with students from diverse programmes offered by the Faculty of Health which can be enjoyed through the entirety of the student journey
  • develop resilience through familiarisation with some of the challenges faced by international students specifically in NHS settings.

How to Apply 

Please note: this course is limited to 16 students, and places will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.  
If you are interested in securing a place on this course, please register.
On-campus accommodation is available for the duration of this course and beyond. Successful applicants will be emailed information on the various options and fees.  

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