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We offer dietary consultations with a University of Plymouth student dietitian for a range of nutritional concerns. Each consultation is aimed to provide dietary advice specific to your needs.
A registered dietitian will supervise all the clinics. You can now book and manage appointments using our booking page.

Examples of consultations that we offer

Nutritional adequacy – are you following a vegetarian or vegan/plant-based diet, are you pregnant, concerned about your bone health or just concerned your diet may not be adequate with your busy lifestyle? During this consultation, your diet will be assessed for any deficiencies, and you will be advised accordingly.
Gut dysfunction – do you have a problem with constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? We can advise on dietary and lifestyle tips to help you.
Food and mood – is your eating affected by your mood? Let us provide you with some tips to help you recognise these triggers which may lead to unhealthy eating habits.
Nutrition in later life – are you going through the menopause and have questions about whether dietary changes can help, or do you have any questions about diet in later life to help keep you healthy?
Eating patterns during lockdown and long Covid – did your diet and weight change over lockdown? We can provide dietary advice to help you start to make some positive changes.
Nutrition for a healthy heart – do you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, pre-diabetes or just wondering what this healthy eating is all about? We can unravel the mixed messages and bust some of those diet myths providing evidence-based advice.
(the list is not exhaustive)