Shelf display of sanitary products for the red box scheme
We want to help reduce menstrual inequities, so the Faculty of Health Equality team have arranged for boxes of period products to be available across our locations.  
Athena Swan Silver award, repositioned

Period Poverty

Period poverty is the lack of access to sanitary products due to financial constraints (RCN, 2022). It disproportionately affects women and girls, making it an equality issue. In the current economic climate, we understand that students who menstruate may be under particular financial pressure, and so the Red Box scheme is a small part of the wider fight against period poverty. 
  • Want to learn more about period poverty?
  • Want to set up your own Red Box? The project leads would love to hear from you! Contact  
  • You can help local women and girls have a better period by donating products to your local Food Bank.
  • You can also help increase awareness of period poverty, and reduce the stigma of periods, just by talking to others about the Red Box scheme. Why not raise the issues of menstrual wellbeing with your manager or representatives? 

Boxes are available at:

Venue Location
PSQ C block 2nd floor and 4th floor gender neutral/accessible toilet.
JBB Ground floor and 1st floor gender neutral/accessible toilets. 1st and 2nd floor female toilets.
ICP All floors gender neutral/accessible toilets
Nancy Astor Building Ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor gender neutral toilets.
Exeter, Richmond Building Ground floor gender neutral toilet.
Truro, KSpa 1st floor, gender neutral/accessible toilet.
Rolle 4th floor accessible toilet.
CEE Ground floor female and gender neutral/accessible toilet.
Dental Education Facilities - Derriford, Devonport, Exeter and Truro Managed and funded by PDSE.
Students with sanitary products for the red box scheme
Girl holding sanitary products for the red box scheme

Honestly, this box is a lifesaver. Without it I would’ve had to go home so many times and I know it’s the same for others.

This box is amazing! Saved me going home and I got more work done.