Healthcare Management, Leadership and Innovation

Whilst you're here at the University, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to:

1. Connect 

Valuing and building relationships to enhance your wellbeing and resilience, and participating in a digital society in a safe and positive manner, by recognising the risks and negative impacts of digital use, and managing your online identity.

2. Be active 

Engaging in activity that suits your particular level of fitness and mobility to promote your personal health and feelings of wellbeing.

3. Be empowered 

Making informed choices about your own life, developing resilience through navigating and dealing with uncertainty, acting in a forward-looking and flexible manner, and knowing you can make a difference in the world.

4. Keep learning 

Developing your learning skills, being alert to new experiences and opportunities, and recognising the power of learning and curiosity through life to foster your sense of wellbeing.

5. Give back 

Enhancing the wellbeing of yourself and others through active participation in social and community life, such as through volunteering, clubs, and societies.

How can I develop these attributes further?

  • Join some University societies. Check out the link for the range of opportunities on offer.
  • Think about volunteering, not only will this help you to meet more people but will also enhance your c.v. Contact UPSU and speak to one of their Volunteer Coordinators about volunteering opportunities in the community.
  • Attend a group or course run by the Student Counselling and Personal Development Service. There is a wide choice ranging from joining a Mood Boost Course, Mindfulness, Relaxation, a Women’s group and more. 
  • Join Motivate Generate Activate – UPSU’s unique wellbeing initiative which offers free and discounted accessible activity to help you balance the demands of University with a happy and healthy lifestyle. Make the most of the wide range of opportunities available; take on a challenge, do something fun with friends, stay fit, explore the Plymouth landscape or learn a new skill. 
  • Join and find out how you can log the amount of energy you spend doing different activities and balance this with the energy you consume through your food intake. 
  • If you want to work out a problem, deal with stress and understand more about the person you are, the Student Counselling and Personal Development Service is here for you. To get an appointment for short-term counselling either phone +44 1752 587676, drop in to the Student Hub in the Charles Seale-Hayne Library or email
  • Check out whether your course has a Peer-Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS) and get involved. 
  • Visit the Writing Café and have a chat with one of the Writing Mentors 
  • Ensure that you have regular tutorials to discuss your work and your assignments. Make contact with your Personal Tutor as soon as you begin to notice anything that is negatively affecting your learning
  • Don’t forget you can always book a consultation with a member of the Learning Development team: their website contains a range of useful learning resources
  • Want to take this further? Help develop community wellbeing within the University by joining the Wellbeing Partnership Group
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Healthcare Management, Leadership and Innovation
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