Plymouth Compass

While you’re at Plymouth, you’ll gain more than just your degree 

The Plymouth Compass helps you to navigate your way through your whole university experience, in both your taught curriculum and your extra-curricular activities. What you learn at university prepares you for more than a career, so the Compass identifies key attributes in four broad areas of your life - academic, civic, professional, and personal. During your time here, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice and develop these attributes, helping you gain experiences, improve skills, and build networks for your life beyond graduation.

The Compass also supports us, as a community, to coordinate our efforts to offer you as broad an education as possible. It clarifies what the University values and what it anticipates will help you, as a graduate, in a future that is hard to predict.

Download the Plymouth Compass overview

For staff, an audit tool is available for staff to map Plymouth Compass attribute development in the curriculum. Download these guidelines for using the Compass Portfolio in PebblePad in personal tutoring.

Discover more about the attributes that define our Plymouth graduates

Students investigating forest dynamics
The sustainable and global citizen
Formation Zone Business Challenge
The competent and confident professional
Healthcare Management, Leadership and Innovation
The resilient and thriving individual
The critical and creative learner