Personal development sessions and groups

Why come along?    

Student Wellbeing Services run a personal development programme to help you get the most from your studies and personal life.  Some of these are workshops and information or taster sessions – you only need to book where it says so. Others are groups that run over a period of weeks.

We know people can feel nervous about joining a group, but feedback we've had from students say it has helped them to feel more supported, more confident and better connected with others. It's sometimes just helpful to know you're not alone in your difficulties.

These groups are popular, so when you sign up you'll be asked to make a commitment to coming along regularly. To help develop a safe and secure space, these groups are closed to new participants once they have begun. This does not apply to the Global Buddies International Student Group.

We'd love to see you. 

Managing low mood – Mood boost 

The mood boost course is all about learning new skills and tools which you can use to feel better, happier, more relaxed and confident and less sad, irritated or worried. This course runs over four weekly sessions and encourages you to try new tools and put them into practice so that you make a start on building new mood boost habits.

You will need to commit to all 4 sessions which are taking place on the dates below. Beside each date is a link to book onto each week of the course.

Course 3 – book here
12 February 14:00 – Rolle 001
19 February 14:00 – Rolle 115
26 February 14:00 – Rolle 115
04 March 14:00 – Rolle 117

Course 4 – book here
22 April 14:00 – Rolle 102
29 April 14:00 – Rolle 115
06 May 14:00 – Rolle 115
13  May 14:00 – Rolle 115

Managing stress and anxiety

All of us experience stress and anxiety from time to time. For some of us our stress and anxiety levels are more constant and can get in the way of healthy day to day functioning. 

Our managing stress and anxiety webinar shares some strategies to take with you and practice in your day to day life. Best of all it’s available to watch whenever and wherever you choose.

Mindfulness drop-in sessions

Feeling overwhelmed? 

Come along to one of our Wednesday lunchtime sessions and de-stress with mindfulness practice. No need to book and no prior experience required.

Multi-Faith Chaplaincy, 1 Kirkby Terrace. 

Wednesdays 13.00–14.00, 15–29 January 2020

Mindfulness training for stress reduction group

From 5 February 2020 we will be offering a six-week group introducing a number of mindfulness awareness practices which may assist you to reduce anxiety, stress and live life more fully. 

The group will run from 5 February to 11 March 2020, Wednesdays 13.00–15.00

Places are limited and this course will need to be booked. If you are interested please contact for more details.

Find out more about Mindfulness

"Do you get caught up in trains of endless thought?"

Often the running commentary in our heads takes us away from what is happening right now, and we get absorbed by worries about future or past events. When we feel low or anxious and stressed these states only get worse. 

Becoming more aware of our experience, our body sensations and our breathing in non-judgmental and gentle ways can help us get less caught up in our thoughts and feelings.

Global Buddies

Welcome to the University of Plymouth! Want to make new friends? Want to enjoy chatting with others? Want to make the most out of life in the UK? Then come and join our Global Buddies Group. Global Buddies International Group is open to ALL International Students at the University of Plymouth. Just come along to one of the Wednesday afternoon sessions. 

All sessions 16:00–17:30, Chaplaincy, 1 Kirkby Terrace

Every Wednesday in term time.

Look after your mate

Students often come to us with concerns about their friends and peers. This workshop, developed by Student Minds, will give you the necessary tips and tools to support a friend in need: spotting the signs that your friend is struggling, how to start a conversation and support them and when to signpost for further help - as well as looking after yourself in the process.

Dates and times
Wednesday 4 March, 10:00 – BGB 018 – book here
Monday 20 April, 10:00 – Rolle 211 – book here

Find out more and book onto one of these sessions.

First aid for anxiety

Would you like to learn how to manage anxiety to improve your wellbeing?

Mixing a little bit of easy to understand brain science with plenty of tried and tested techniques and suggestions to help reduce anxiety symptoms.

These workshops will be presented in a classroom format with no need to participate or share unless you want to, just helpful tips, ideas and handouts to take away.

Where: Babbage room 410

When: Wednesday 15 January, 16:00–17:00
Wednesday 19 February, 16:00–17:00
Wednesday 18 March, 16:00–17:00

Student Wellbeing Services – Plymouth campus

Student Services Hub, Ground Floor Nancy Astor Building, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA

Opening times: Monday–Friday, 8:30–17:00 (Wednesday open 10:00, Friday close 16:30)