Formation Zone Business Challenge

Whilst at the University of Plymouth, you'll have plenty of opportunities to develop and practise your:

1. Self-organisation and management 

Taking initiative, planning ahead, and demonstrating your leadership potential.

2. Team-work and collaboration 

Working professionally and confidently, being an active listener and assertive as appropriate in voicing your opinions, seeking to resolve conflicts, and understanding the contribution you bring to a group.

3. Professional and ethical manner

Developing a strong sense of your own ability, working and communicating with integrity, and taking responsibility for your actions.

4. Negotiation and persuasion 

Being able to put your ideas forward with confidence, to convince others, to take an active part in discussion, and to reach agreement.

5. Effective verbal and written communication

Conveying information clearly, for a variety of purposes and audiences, and enhancing your social capital and personal capacity through ethical, strategic, and relevant networking.

How can I develop these attributes further?

  • Attend workshops in specific employability skills and make use of the Careers and Employability service here.
  • Volunteering can provide many opportunities to develop professional skills that will be invaluable for your employability. Check out the Student Union Volunteering Toolkit.
  • Develop your team working skills and think about how effective you are in a team. Try the Team Effectiveness Assessment.
  • The exciting FLUX competitions are excellent opportunities to develop business skills and commercial awareness, important skills that employers look for in graduates.
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Formation Zone Business Challenge
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