Student Learning

As the university moves to online teaching, we know that many students will be wondering what this means for their learning. The Learning Development and Peer Learning team have put together a handy guide to help you through this transition covering: 

  • what you can expect from your lectures
  • things you can do to prepare for your sessions
  • how you can structure your independent study time
  • how you can stay in touch with people on your course
  • what support is available for you online
  • frequently asked questions.

Guide to online learning for students

About students

We understand student learning. Within the team we have a range of expertise about the ways students learn. Our knowledge includes student identity and belonging, student experience and engagement, academic writing practices and social learning spaces. We are research led and have active involvements with national professional networks for Learning Development as well as Peer Learning.

For students

We work for students, by delivering teaching sessions tailored to their needs and disciplines in a way they can understand. We also offer individual tutorials where students can receive individual attention as well as producing digital resources for independent and distance study. 

With students

We help student workers to develop their understanding, knowledge and experience to support their peers and provide a community and sense of belonging.

Take advantage of our study guides

Get helpful tips on a wide range of topics, from improving your notemaking and writing essays, and ways to improve your organisation skills and planning presentations.

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