Clearing is the last chance for you to secure your place at the University of Plymouth for September

At Plymouth, you are much more than just your exam results, which is why we treat every application individually.

You will be able to apply through Clearing if you:

  • haven’t met the conditions of your offers
  • haven’t made a UCAS application this year
  • haven’t received any offers (or none that you wanted to accept).

UCAS: Clearing advice

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The reality of Clearing as told by you

As September draws near, the prospect of applying to university through Clearing might seem daunting and even stressful to face. Overcoming uncertainty and changing aspirations are just some of the things that students have to tackle during this period.

We’ve interviewed some of our students who secured their place through Clearing – they share how they dealt with the challenges and shed light on the reality of Clearing.

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Clearing accommodation

 We have a range of accommodation to suit all budgets including: 

  • university-managed halls of residence
  • private halls
  • and University-approved private housing. 

Contact us during clearing and we can advise on the most suitable rooms for you.

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