Sustainability education - Centre for Sustainable Futures (CSF)


Education for sustainable development (ESD) is

'...the process of equipping students with the knowledge and understanding, skills and attributes needed to work and live in a way that safeguards environmental, social and economic wellbeing, both in the present and for future generations.' (QAA/HEA 2014)

What is the Centre for Sustainable Futures (CSF)?

Plymouth is developing an international reputation for being a lead Higher Education Institution in sustainability education.  We are the sustainability education team within the University’s Teaching and Learning Support, providing a range of support to staff and students to continue this pioneering work.  Our job is developing teaching and learning opportunities that capture students’ interest in sustainability and engage them in active learning for a better world. We inspire and support lecturers, programme leaders, professional staff, and students to think about how sustainability can become integral to the learning experience at Plymouth.  We work to enthuse, empower, and enable staff and students to be creative and bring sustainability into the very heart of the learning experience.

Making Plymouth the ‘sustainable university’ is up to all of us. If you have a spark of interest in building a more sustainable future through your work or study at the University, then we want to work with you. To find out more email us at or call on +44 1752 588890.


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