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Useful links

The QAA has  published guidance for HE providers on ESD:
QAA Education for Sustainable Development: Guidance for Higher Education Providers
Go Green Tool Guide- This tool is easy to use and you do not require any environmental expertise to use it. 
EAUC Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges- a not-for-profit charity with a membership of over 220 universities and colleges, supporting sustainability within the UK tertiary education sector. 
Any member of staff or student of the University of Plymouth can log in and benefit from the many resources and new ideas available about sustainability education around the UK.
Exploring Sustainability- informative and engaging website from the Canterbury Christ Church University Futures Initiative, which is a long-term change programme designed to develop understanding about sustainability in academic life. It has been written by Stephen Scoffham and is based on research, scholarship and the practical experience of teaching about sustainability in higher education. 
The Complete Guide On How To Make Your Business Green in 2016- From short-term, quick wins to long-term strategies, improving your business's green credentials should definitely be on the agenda.
Reduce your carbon footprint with Carbonfund.org- The Carbonfree® Partner program is an innovative and flexible way to help your business calculate, reduce and offset your carbon footprint. You will help the environment, fight global warming, and help make the transition to a clean energy future possible.

Sustainability with the University of Plymouth

Wyness, L. (2012) Sustainability in the Curriculum Review: Executive Summary, Centre for Sustainable Futures, University of Plymouth. 

CSF/PedRIO books/chapters and teaching resources

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CSF peer-reviewed articles

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University of Plymouth publications

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