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One of the University's key objectives in its teaching and learning strategy is to integrate sustainability across all programmes. 

If you would like individual guidance and support on introducing and embedding sustainability into your curriculum, then please contact Paul Warwick, or visit the links below for discipline-specific resources.

Sustainability in the curriculum: Plymouth Institute of Education

Academics in Plymouth Institute of Education within the School of Society and Culture have been embedding sustainability into their curriculum for many years.

We have a wealth of resources to help you embed sustainability into your education curriculum, in Further and Higher Education.

Learn more about our sustainability resources
Sustainability in the curriculum: Plymouth Institute of Education
Adult Nursing students in clinical skills laboratory

Sustainability in the nursing curriculum

The aim of the NurSus project is to enhance the availability/relevance of a sound learning offer in Sustainability Literacy and Competency (SLC) in nurse education by developing innovative teaching and learning approaches and materials.

Visit the NurSus website