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Adjusting to life as a student

Coming back to study at university will probably require changes in your life and generate plenty of questions. From financial advice to maths or study skills support, you'll find a comprehensive range of academic and personal support services via the University.

Financing your studies

Support from the government
As a mature student, you're likely to have more commitments to consider when going to university. You may also be sacrificing an income. The majority of eligible (UK/home) students are funded by Student Finance England and can apply for two student loans to cover:
  • tuition fees
  • living costs
In addition you can apply for a living cost grant, grants for dependants and childcare and disabled students’ allowances. Have a look at our Funding, scholarships and bursaries information.  The student finance webpages also provide a complete guide to how you'll be funded.
Postgraduate loan
You may now be eligible for a government loan of over £10,000 to help towards the cost of your masters degree.
Read our information on funding for postgraduate taught students


If you receive benefits, your situation is likely to change as eligibility is limited to single parents, disabled students and partners of students, however your student income will be taken into account. If this affects you, get in touch with Jobcentre Plus or UPSU:Advice, who have qualified Benefits Advisors to take you through your possible entitlements as a student.

Council tax discounts and exemptions

As a full-time student, you won't be counted for council tax purposes. That means you could have your bill reduced by 25 per cent if you are one of two adults in your property, or even receive a complete exemption if you're the only adult resident.
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From private housing, halls of residence or homestay options, learn more about your accommodation options
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Find out about the University's childcare facilities
Careers & Employability Hub 
Information, advice and guidance for our students and graduates on building skills, experience and contacts to improve careers and employability

Student Services

Student Services offer a range of services and support:
  • counselling
  • disability and dyslexia
  • faith and spiritual support
  • learning development
  • Wellbeing Centre
  • care leavers
  • Peer-Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS)
  • SUM:UP mathematics drop-in sessions.
Visit the Student Hub 

There are various helpful tools at hand, including the PALS team, who include both support staff and students. Sessions are setup for academic help and any other help advice you may need.


An important part of being able to settle into student life is to feel on top of your studies. With this in mind we've created a useful section which contains all of the resources you'll need to stay organised.

Stay on top of your lectures and study activities


Exam timetables

Managing study alongside family life

Integrating higher education study with family life can be a challenging task for mature students. Managing time, feeling guilty, juggling family relationships and gaining support are all issues that many mature students face during the course of their studies.

'Plymatures' society

We are a diverse, friendly society set up to encourage those with a more ‘mature’ outlook to get involved in university life, make new friends, try new things but most of all have fun! We aim to provide our members with a support network of like-minded people whilst also raising awareness of mature students on the campus.

One of the things I was worried about when starting my course was not being able to enjoy the social aspect of university, but with the large number of societies and sports available, you are always able to find something that interests you that you can fit around your other responsibilities.

Further information

As well as administering the Financial Support Fund, the Student Financial Support Team can give you specialist advice on the financial support available while you're at university. They work closely with the University of Plymouth Students’ Union Support and Advice Centre (UPSU:Advice) who can help you with a range of enquiries, such as student funding, benefits, tax credits and getting support if you have existing debts.