Mature students returning to study

Our mature students are some of the most lively, enthusiastic and committed members of our community and we value the huge contribution they make to university life. They're highly motivated, well organised and used to the kind of independent thinking that's crucial for success at university.

Becoming a student is an exciting and life-changing experience but it's not a decision that you'll be taking lightly. You may have commitments to think about - like your family, your job, your home life – or you may be unsure whether university is right for you. We hope these pages will help you begin to address some of your concerns and weigh up the costs - and many benefits - of studying in higher education, as well as dispel some of the myths.

We wish you every success with this exciting new phase in your life.

Need to talk to a specialist advisor?

If you're interested in progressing into higher education in the south west region, you can get advice online through the HE-Guidance service