Careers support for international students

Welcome to your Careers Service! 

As an international student you have access to all of the support and services that we offer. We know that you may have additional questions relating to your future plans whilst at University and beyond graduation. We’re available to you throughout your studies and we also offer support beyond graduation. Contact us via email at or our virtual hub.

If you’re a UK-based student who is interested in studying and/or working abroad, check out GoinGlobal and other information on our Careers homepage.

Manage your career

From the moment you start your degree, to three years after graduation, you’ll benefit from some great ways to manage your career progress online.

myCareer will help you to manage your career appointments, find job vacancies, internships and part-time work, and provide access to workshops and activities to help broaden your skills.

myCareer Digital Resources provides you with a number of interactive tools that will help you to build CVs, write covering letters and map your professional skills.

We can help you with:


Access our new resource GoinGlobal to find out about working in different countries with profiles and advice written by people in those countries; access and apply for live jobs and attend online training webinars.

Sign in to gain information on working abroad using your university login.

Useful external links


The UK Council for International Student Affairs work to support and advise international students and the institutions, students' unions and organisations who work closely with them. website 

Find out information directly from the government relating to student visas, work visas and more.

Gradlink UK

GradLink UK is a free careers site for international students and graduates who have or are studying in the UK. It currently includes sections for China, South-East Asia, the Gulf, Canada, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and India. Take a look for jobs, advice, events and more.

Your experience: Sylvia Odey, BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering  

The programme has allowed me to develop and improve my personal and professional skills beyond what a basic involvement in University life could offer me.

My mentor provided me with invaluable knowledge on different career paths in industry, CV and cover letter writing, networking and more. I decided to take part in this programme so I could gain an insight on how things worked in industry and to boost my confidence and employability skills. Every meeting was very informative. 

Being part of this programme helped me gain a clearer insight to what life will be like after University and how to make myself stand out in a work environment and when applying for jobs. It is a truly remarkable experience, there is so much to gain from it. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone looking for potential career paths after graduation and improving on professional skills

Sumalka Mendis, MPhil/PhD Business with Management and one of our Student Ambassadors

The feeling of being a representative of the University is my favourite thing about this role. It gives me a huge sense of belonging in this prestigious institution. I’ve made so many friends and gained so many new experiences. It’s a collection of smiles


Your experience: Prithviraj Ray

At the start of the programme, I found that I wasn't receiving any responses from the companies I had applied to for a work placement. My mentor worked with me to re-write my CV from scratch and to create a covering letter. He helped me to understand what an employer looks for while recruiting and how to demonstrate my skills and life experience.  After this support, I'm happy to say I was called back for the next round for all of my interviews.

After securing a successful placement, I had to learn how to behave in a professional business. My mentor shared his years of experience with me which helped me to understand how to proceed and progress within a business.

I have also discovered what areas of a business are most suited to my skills. We discussed my prospects after graduation and how to position myself in the business world. As an international student this was a little harder, but my mentor helped me to understand how to position myself while applying for a job. After this programme, I have a far wider understanding of the business world and what to do after my time in the University and during my placement year.