Support before you arrive

Living in Plymouth

Plymouth is a small city situated on the western edge of the county of Devon. It's size means it has all the benefits of a smaller place, including a compact central area with accommodation, shops and entertainment facilities all within easy walking distance.

Plymouth's status as a city means it has a distinctive cosmopolitan vibe and is a magnet for many different types of people, including tourists, students, workers and migrants. 

Many visitors to Plymouth are surprised by its continental feel and sense of community.

Campus Life

When you arrive in person, campus tours will be offered to you during the welcome week. 
The good news is that you can see the campus before you arrive! 
Check out our Virtual Tour of Plymouth.


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Shopping and eating out in Plymouth

Join us on a guided tour of Plymouth to discover where to buy your groceries and homewares when you arrive. We will also give you some ideas for eating out and entertainment whilst living in the city.