Ram Kushawaha, MSc Mechanical
Engineering Design
Nepal is where I was born and raised. After completing my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering in India, I decided to pursue my masters degree abroad, and the United Kingdom was my preferred destination. I began researching the possibility of finding a university that was focused on research and development, and I discovered the University of Plymouth, which had everything I was looking for.

Exploring engineering 

As far as I can remember, I've always been interested in engineering. After my undergraduate degree, I began to explore the design aspect of engineering, and now that I'm pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering design, my curiosity has been piqued to learn more about the field. Curiosity, I believe, has played a significant role in my studies at the University of Plymouth.
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It is always comforting to know that there is a group of people available to help you

I believe that coming from another part of the world to a completely unfamiliar environment always brings with it an element of the unknown, and my first impression was that the teaching method at the University of Plymouth was completely different to what I was used to, as it was more practical and research-based than theoretical. 
I had difficulty adjusting to campus life at first, but with the help of my classmates and professor, I was able to do so. I was surprised at how people were willing to help me, and I was grateful for receiving so much when I needed it. If international students need help in any way, the International Students' Society is available.
Each of the various modules on my MSc provided me with the opportunity to experience something new, but I particularly enjoyed Advanced Materials Engineering & Nanotechnology (MECH551) because it was both challenging and rewarding to investigate the concept of design and nanomaterials.

All the lecturers were eager to assist me when I reached out to them

I believe that earning an MSc allows you to explore a variety of subjects, but it always comes down to you and what you hope to gain from your chosen field. I was most interested in the design thinking aspect of products; the main reason for conducting research on this topic is to learn how a product is brought to market and what factors are considered when designing a product, which will be extremely useful if I ever want to create a new product for the market.
Ram Kushawaha, MSc Mechanical Engineering Design
I intend to stay in the UK to complete my PhD and hope to gain valuable experience that will help me when I return to my home country. I believe that engineering is all about experimentation, and I intend to open a research institute in my home country when I return. 
If you want to study in the United Kingdom, you should come to the University of Plymouth because of its teaching methods and learning environment. I believe that you should be cautious about where you study because it can help to accelerate your career, and I am confident that the University of Plymouth has provided me with the necessary facilities to grow and be a part of society that inspires change. 
I had difficulties in the first stages of my MSc, but with the help of classmates and lecturers, I was able to overcome them. 

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"If you choose University of Plymouth, you're never going to regret it. It's been six or seven months; everybody has been helpful. Interaction has been good, and everyone was helpful in the first place."
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MSc Mechanical Engineering Design

Engineering design is the creative activity that forms technical solutions to everyday problems. This MSc is for graduate engineers who are motivated to advance their knowledge, skills and understanding of modern engineering design practice. You'll explore the methods, tools and technologies used by engineering designers, while advancing your professional competency and readiness to tackle complex engineering challenges.