Researchers in the arctic
Our distinct research areas offer many exciting opportunities to explore and discover.

Biogeochemistry Research Centre

The Biogeochemistry Research Centre comprises expert researchers and instrumentation, with acknowledged international leaders in organic geochemistry and environmental analytical chemistry and a strong focus on marine science and current and past ecosystems and climates. 
Our staff are at the cutting edge of research, demonstrated by our involvement in major cross-discipline international research projects to study the functioning of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans, such as the Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition. 

Centre for Research in Earth Sciences (CRES)

The Centre for Research in Earth Sciences (CRES) embraces the broad spectrum of research across Earth Sciences, from plate tectonics to climate change, to modern surface processes, to the evolution of life on Earth. Across this breadth, our expert researchers shared ethos is to understand the drivers of change in the Earth system and the impact of these changes on the Earth and to society. CRES provides an inclusive environment that promotes high quality, novel and interdisciplinary research, alongside a platform for training the next generation of Earth Scientists.

Centre for Research in Environment and Society (CeRES)

The Centre for Research in Environment and Society (CeRES) combines expertise spanning both human and physical geography within an inclusive research environment. The staff and students in our Centre contribute to an interdisciplinary blend of research, designed to better understand and address the challenges of past and contemporary environmental changes and societal events. 

Sustainable Earth Institute

The Sustainable Earth Institute (SEI) connects the university’s world leading research and expertise with the wider world. We bring together researchers from natural and social sciences, engineering, arts, humanities, health and business, to take an interdisciplinary, systems-thinking approach to help tackle sustainability challenges.

Marine Institute

Our mission is to advance sustainable use of the marine environment through our systems-thinking approach to research, education and innovation. With one of the largest marine and maritime portfolios of any institution in Europe, we have a long-held and outstanding international reputation for conducting world-leading, transdisciplinary research. Through this, with our partners and collaborators, we are developing and optimising positive interventions in response to global challenges, while training the scientists and business leaders of the future.
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Centre of Research excellence in Intelligent and Sustainable Productive Systems (CRISPS)

The Centre of Research excellence in Intelligent and Sustainable Productive Systems (CRISPS) brings together a vibrant community of transdisciplinary researchers, working towards addressing the challenge of sustainably feeding a global population of 9 billion. Founded upon research excellence in aquaculture, agricultural technology and soil health, and underpinned by investment in cutting-edge facilities, the Centre will create the critical mass required to ensure impactful research and real-world deployment in the UK and beyond.