Biogeochemistry Research Centre

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The Biogeochemistry Research Centre comprises expert researchers and instrumentation, with acknowledged international leaders in organic geochemistry and environmental analytical chemistry and a strong focus on marine science and current and past ecosystems and climates.

Our staff are at the cutting edge of research, demonstrated by our involvement in major cross-discipline international research projects to study the functioning of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans, such as the Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition.

Our research is underpinned by a state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation base that has been maintained and improved to provide a wide range of methods for detection of compounds of interest at environmental concentrations, including nutrients, biomarkers, volatile marine biogenic compounds and emerging contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals.

We have secured funding from national and international sources, including NERC, The Leverhulme Trust and EU. Our research is communicated through high impact international journals and conference and many stakeholder events.

Professor Mark Fitzsimons
Lead for Biogeochemistry Research Centre