Centre for Research in Earth Sciences (CRES)


The Centre for Research in Earth Sciences (CRES) at Plymouth University brings together an outstanding research team that spans the spectrum of Earth science disciplines.

The complementary skills and knowledge of CRES researchers ensures an interdisciplinary approach to the scientific study and analysis of key earth science issues that are of broad concern to society. For example, plate tectonic processes impact upon the shallow subsurface, controlling natural resources and natural hazards, whereas understanding the environmental factors that caused past extinction events provides important insights on how to tackle present-day environmental challenges such as climate change, as well as ways of mitigating and managing environmental damage.

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Our mission​

The mission of CRES is to provide an environment that fosters and promotes high quality, novel and interdisciplinary research in earth sciences and a platform for international-level research training in this field.

Our goals are:

  • to advance the quantitative understanding of earth and environmental systems, now recognised as vital to the needs of society on a changing and hazardous earth
  • to perform high quality research in key aspects of the earth system by integrating our expertise of demonstrable excellence in the various sub-disciplines of geosciences
  • to create and support research opportunities that attract the best talents in order to build capacity for future high quality international earth science research
  • to enhance awareness of CRES activities and related scientific issues via a programme of innovative public outreach events.

Image credit: Lara Mani