Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat. Photo courtesy: Paul Cole
Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat. Photo courtesy: Paul Cole


The Centre for Research in Earth Sciences (CRES) at the University of Plymouth embraces the broad spectrum of research across Earth Sciences, from plate tectonics to climate change, to modern surface processes, to the evolution of life on Earth. Across this breadth, our expert researchers shared ethos is to understand the drivers of change in the Earth system and the impact of these changes on the Earth and to society. CRES provides an inclusive environment that promotes high quality, novel and interdisciplinary research, alongside a platform for training the next generation of Earth Scientists.

Our staff are at the cutting edge of research, demonstrated by our performance in the most recent national assessment of UK research (REF2014) where we ranked 10th on research power, and our world-class analytical facilities that underpin both our research and teaching. Internationally, our staff are recognised for their research, and also for their contribution to major Earth Science initiatives including the International Ocean Discovery Program and the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program.

Dr Michelle Harris
Lead of the Centre for Research in Earth Sciences
postgraduate student

Postgraduate research students

An essential component of our school research environment

Our research students work on a range of funded projects across all disciplines associated with the school.

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Lilli Day

Girls into Geoscience

Established in 2014, this fantastic outreach initiative that was awarded the Geological Society of London’s R H Worth Award, aims to show girls exactly where geoscience can take them. Lilli Day, who attended in 2015 has since graduated with a degree in geology, explains how she became interested in geoscience.