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Supporting the synthesis of evidence to directly meet the needs of the health and social care sector and its stakeholders.
The JBI Centre of Excellence is part of the University of Plymouth’s Faculty of Health. Our focus is on systematic reviews and implementation projects that address innovations for health and social care, supporting the synthesis of evidence related to topics that directly meet the needs of the health and social care sector and its stakeholders. 
This will provide knowledge information that influences policy development and clinical practice across the continuum of care spanning, hospital, aged care and community settings. 
We are a truly multidisciplinary centre, led by experienced academic clinicians and researchers, and we are fully integrated with health care organisations in the region through the South West Clinical Schools.
Our two key areas of activity:
  • collaborating with clinical partners to tackle established clinical priorities through evidence synthesis and implementation
  • delivering high-quality training on systematic reviewing and evidence based healthcare. Our expert team delivers short courses and bespoke workshops locally, nationally and internationally. 

Systematic Review Training Programme

Accredited by JBI
We are proud to be able to offer the JBI accredited Comprehensive Systematic Reviews Training Programme (JBI CSRTP). This is a world-class systematic review training programme, which incorporates both theory and hands on experience, you will learn how to develop a focused question, search for relevant literature, appraise and synthesise evidence arising from research. 
Our five-day course gives you a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of systematic review. It attracts participants from across the UK and around the world and is delivered by experienced members of the Centre who are all JBI-accredited trainers (Professor Bridie Kent, Professor Jill Shawe and Dr Matt Carey).
The course gives you the knowledge and skills you need to undertake a rigorous systematic review of a topic relevant to your practice, using an appropriate methodology.
You will develop a strong understanding of the role of systematic reviews in improving healthcare practice, including the different approaches you can use for qualitative and quantitative evidence. We will teach you how to identify relevant research questions, develop suitable protocols for systematically reviewing them, and use the JBI’s premier software for the systematic review of literature, SUMARI.
Please note that this course is currently only being offered via online delivery.

JBI Systematic Review Training (JBICSRTP)

This JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program (CSRTP) is offering the complete suite of modules.
  • Module 1: Introduction to evidence-based health care and the systematic review of evidence
  • Module 2: Systematic review of quantitative evidence
  • Module 3: Systematic review of evidence generated by qualitative research, narrative and text 
9, 10, 11 and 12 October 2023, 09:00–17:00
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Centre for Innovations in Health and Social Care systematic reviews

Experiences of people with Parkinson’s disease 1 and their views of physical activity interventions: a 2 qualitative systematic review protocol. 
Footwear and insole design features to prevent foot ulceration in people with diabetes: a systematic review protocol
Recurrence rates of hyperemesis gravidarum in pregnancy: a systematic review protocol.
Read review | Author Caitlin Dean
The meaning of confidence for older people living with frailty: a qualitative systematic review.
Effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions in treating orthostatic hypotension in the elderly and people with a neurological condition: a systematic review protocol.
The role of peer-assisted learning in enhancing the learning of undergraduate nursing students in clinical practice: a qualitative systematic review protocol.
The experiences of stroke survivors, their families and unpaid carers regarding goal setting within stroke rehabilitation: a systematic review protocol.
Read review | Author Anna Lloyd
Effects of foot and ankle devices on balance, gait and falls in adults with sensory perception loss: a systematic review.
Occupational therapy practice and patient/client participation in religious occupations: a scoping review protocol.
Read review | Author Patricia Eyres
Effectiveness of and User Experience With Web-Based Interventions in Increasing Physical Activity Levels in People With Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic Review.
Read review | Author Rachel Dennett
Occupational therapy interventions in child and adolescent mental health: a mixed methods systematic review protocol.
Read review | Author Katrina Bannigan
Facilitators and barriers to remaining at home for people with dementia who live alone: a protocol for a systematic review of qualitative evidence.
Renal access coordinators’ impact on hemodialysis patient outcomes and associated service delivery: a systematic review.
The role of unregistered healthcare workers in preventing readmission to hospital: a systematic review protocol.

Clinical Partnership status awarded to Cornwall's Acute Hospital Trust

The JBI has awarded the Clinical School at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust Clinical Partnership status, with University of Plymouth's JBI Centre of Clinical Excellence. 

This acknowledges the work clinical colleagues, affiliated to the Clinical School, have undertaken in systematic review activities, and their commitment to sharing new knowledge and promoting evidence based practice activities through workshops and implementation reviews. 

This formal partnership is for three years and will further grow networking and research activities between academic and clinical staff, to benefit patients and service users.

RCHT Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust 
Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust

Centre members

The following members are highly experienced researchers, clinical academics and systematic review trainers.

Bridie Kent

Professor Bridie Kent: Centre Director
Professor of Leadership in Nursing / Deputy Director of Doctoral College (Faculty of Health)

Matthew Carey

Dr Matt Carey: Co-Deputy Director
Lecturer in Child Health Nursing

Frazer Underwood 2018

Dr Frazer Underwood: Co-Deputy Director
Honorary Associate Clinical Professor

Core staff