Dr Kerryn Husk

Dr Kerryn Husk

PenCLAHRC Senior Research Fellow

Clinical Trials & Health Research - Institute of Translational & Stratified Medicine (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)


BSc Sociology/Politics - 2006
MSc Social Research - 2007
PhD Social Research - 2012

Professional membership


University of Exeter Medical School - Honorary Senior Research Fellow 

Public Health England - Honorary Senior Public Health Research Fellow


Associate Editorial Board, BMC Public Health, 2017-Present

Associate Editorial Board, Sociology, 2015 - 2021

Editorial Board, Sociological Research Online, 2017 - 2020

Roles on external bodies

NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research Programme (HS&DR), Researcher-led panel member 2018-2021

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) - Affiliate Member

Research interests

I work for theNIHR CLAHRC South West Peninsula (PenCLAHRC). My interests are based around evidence synthesis, complex publichealth interventions and health services research. Currently I am interested inissues around non-NHS delivered interventions, including social prescribing andmy previous research includes a systematic review examining the evidence forthe health impacts of environmental enhancement activities, estimating the LGBpopulation of England, assessments of the health implications of various environmentalindicators through secondary data linkage and analyses of small ethnic groupsin the Census. Methodologically, I am interested in systematic review methodsand the epistemology and application of qualitative and quantitative methods inthe social sciences.

Key publications are highlighted

Husk K, Berry V, Tozer R, Skipwith G, Radmore R, Ball S, Ukoumunne OC & Logan S 2018 'Interventions for reducing unplanned paediatric admissions: an observational study in one hospital' BMJ Paediatrics Open 2, (1) Author Site , DOI PEARL
Thompson TP, Taylor AH, Wanner A, Husk K, Wei Y, Creanor S, Kandiyali R, Neale J, Sinclair J & Nasser M 2018 'Physical activity and the prevention, reduction, and treatment of alcohol and/or substance use across the lifespan (The PHASE review): protocol for a systematic review' Systematic Reviews 7, (1) Author Site , DOI PEARL
Cooper C, Lovell R, Husk K, Booth A & Garside R 2017 'Supplementary search methods were more effective and offered better value than bibliographic database searching: a case study from public health and environmental enhancement' Research Synthesis Methods 2018, (9) 195-223 Author Site , DOI PEARL
Husk K, Lovell R & Garside R 2017 'Prescribing gardening and conservation activities for health and wellbeing in older people' Maturitas 110, A1-A2 Author Site , DOI PEARL
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van Kampen SC, Lee W, Fornasiero M & Husk K 2017 'The proportion of the population of England that self-identifies as lesbian, gay or bisexual: producing modelled estimates based on national social surveys' BMC Research Notes 10, (1) Author Site , DOI PEARL
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Alcock I, White MP, Lovell R, Higgins SL, Osborne NJ, Husk K & Wheeler BW 2015 'What accounts for ‘England's green and pleasant land’? A panel data analysis of mental health and land cover types in rural England' Landscape and Urban Planning 142, (0) 38-46 Author Site , DOI
Wheeler B, Lovell R, Higgins S, White M, Alcock I, Osborne N, Husk KM, Sabel C & Depledge M 2015 'Beyond Greenspace: An ecological study of population general health and indicators of natural environment type and quality' International Journal of Health Geographics 17, (14) , DOI
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Other Publications
Husk KM 0 Ethnic group affiliation and social exclusion in Cornwall; analysis, adjustment and extension of the 2001 England and Wales Census data. 0 0