R&I support for research funding applications

Research Funding Managers

Research Funding Managers support research funding applications by helping to determine the most appropriate source of funding; ensuring compliance with eligibility criteria and assisting with the interpretation and application of call guidelines and funder rules.

Please see photos below or contact: researchadvice@plymouth.ac.uk

Susan Eick

Ewa Thompson

Dan Godfrey

Funding Advisors

Funding advisors assist applicants with estimating costs and putting together project budgets using the University’s rates; facilitate the approval and submission process and, for major UK research funders such as RCUK, complete the final step in the submission process.

Contact email: fundingadvisoryservice@plymouth.ac.uk

Will Cooper will.cooper@plymouth.ac.uk

Helen Lang

Alison Millar alison.millar@plymouth.ac.uk

Development Partnership Managers

Development Partnership Managers work closely with the faculties in a business development role to support research growth, knowledge exchange and technology transfer.  

Niki Carnell – Faculty of Science and Engineering

Tom Nicholson – Faculty of Health

Rupert Lorraine – Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Other support may be available from within your:

Research Centre – www.plymouth.ac.uk/research

Institute – www.plymouth.ac.uk/research/institutes

School – www.plymouth.ac.uk/schools

Faculty – www.plymouth.ac.uk/faculties


For most research active staff, securing external funding is a priority. 

Applying for external research funds is extremely competitive and only the best applications are likely to be funded – most major grant schemes fund about one application in every four received.

The chances of success are increased with good advice on the scientific, presentational and administrative aspects of applications. 

Whatever the nature of your project, all external funding also brings responsibilities and resource implications for the University and so it is essential that you are aware of the issues involved and follow the correct procedures. 

Research funding managers and funding advisors are available to help you and provide advice and guidance on applying for external research funding. University of Plymouth staff and students should aim to contact the funding advisors for help with estimating the budget for their project as soon as possible (at least three weeks before the deadline).

We advise that applicants should leave at least one week to complete the peer review and internal sign off process. Some funders require additional documents that require the Office of the Vice-Chancellor's (OVC) sign off. Please contact a research funding manager to check if this is necessary.

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The Research Funding Managers can support your application for funding in the following ways:

  • review your application and advise on structure, content and formatting
  • help you understand the Funder's guidance and requirements
  • assist with the internal peer review and approval process
  • help identify appropriate funding sources.

R&I also provides support on ethics, impact, commercial research, KTP and intellectual property.

Application support

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