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Contract research and consultancy can be great opportunities to engage with external stakeholders to create links, develop networks, apply your expertise to real-world challenges, and gather insight into commercial business needs. These can be valuable ways to build impact resulting from your work or to plant seeds for larger future research projects. 
The Contract Research and Consulting team works with a variety of staff in a range of disciplines across the University of Plymouth, supporting the development of proposals, engaging in client negotiations, project set-up, internal approval processes, and guidance on various legal matters relating to national and international projects. 
Contract research seeks to create new knowledge and understanding to address a specific client brief or research need, where the objective is driven by the client. The project will be actively funded by industry, including private companies, charities, public sector organisations or governmental authorities, and duration can range from short- to long-term. 
Consultancy is the application of existing knowledge and expertise to provide expert advice, analysis and assessment specifically aimed at solving a client's challenges. These services are usually of short- to medium-term duration and can be good opportunities for stepping into commercial engagement with external partners to disseminate or exchange knowledge.

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The CR&C team can support: