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Congratulations on successfully applying for research funding!

The information and links below identify the various professional services that you may need to access for support over the project’s lifetime. 
Different funders have different requirements for the management of the projects they fund and you should carefully read the terms of the grant offer so that you understand what these requirements are. 
As the Principal Investigator (PI), you have overall responsibility for your project (or the Plymouth component of it) and for ensuring that you meet the terms of the grant agreement. Failure to do this could have serious ramifications for you and the University. 
As a first step, please contact the Funding Advisory Service as soon as you receive confirmation that your application has been successful. 
If your project involves partner organisations then you are likely to need a collaboration agreement. See the legal section below for further details.


The Research Accounting team provide central post award support for research projects, including:
  • setting up project budgets
  • monitoring spend
  • managing claims 
  • financial reporting to the funder
  • procurement.
The team will be in contact once a project has moved to post-award on Award Manager.  You can contact the team via 
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The legal team can help you with various aspects of your grant including:
  • collaboration agreements
  • consortia agreements
  • sub-contracts.
Contact for further support.

Research and Innovation

  • IP Matters can help with exploitation of your research, including intellectual property, copyright, patents, and non-disclosure agreements
  • Support on research impact, including resources, example case studies, recording impact through VV- Impact Tracker and help with public engagement.
  • As part of your career development, you can access training opportunities 
  • The ethical considerations of your project will have been considered during your application and continuing support is provided by our Research Governance team
  • For assistance obtaining signatures for new EU projects contact the Research Funding Managers
  • Enterprise Solutions can get you access to industry to achieve: links with collaborators or project partners, investment and sponsorship, access to wider resources, impact and profile-raising activities, test or study groups, guest lecturing opportunities, product and market development for CPD courses that you could deliver. 
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Media and Communications

Public engagement is often an important part of generating impact from your research project. The Media and Communications team are always available to discuss a press release or other form of media engagement. 

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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions can get you access to industry to achieve:
  • Links with collaborators and potential project partners
  • Investment and sponsorship
  • Access to wider resources
  • Impact and profile-raising activities
  • Test or study groups
  • Guest lecturing opportunities
  • Product and market development for CPD courses that you could deliver

Technology and Information Services (TIS)

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