Application guidance


All funding agencies will have their own criteria for deciding on the allocation of their resources. It is worthwhile taking time to familiarise yourself with these and ensuring that your proposal clearly addresses your targeted source of support.

Significant funders provide information about specific calls on their own websites, which are the authoritative source for details of funding calls and guidance information. Such guidance is designed to help you through the application process and all such information should be carefully read and clearly taken into account as you proceed with developing the application.

Familiarising yourself with the content of the Funder’s Guide may seem tedious but will help you to avoid basic mistakes, which may prejudice chances of success. Make sure you are always using the current versions of the application form and funding guidelines.

Each of the research councils has specific guidance on how to complete their application forms. Please visit the relevant RC site to access funding guidance. Some funders, e.g. the ESRC, provide good general advice on writing a grant proposal

Plymouth University's Research and Innovation Department has prepared the following resources to help you with your application.

Successful Application Repository

We are currently in the process of establishing an online repository of successful research funding applications from academics at Plymouth University. This repository is only available to staff and students at Plymouth University (login required). If you would like to submit your own application for inclusion, or if you have any questions about the repository, then please contact

Guidance resources

Public engagement in research

The Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research outlines the expectations and responsibilities of research funders with respect to public engagement, to help embed public engagement in universities and research institutes.

Most funders actively encourage public engagement in the research they fund (and some even stipulate it as a condition of funding). Advice is available through:

Examples of current engagement activities at Plymouth can be found at: