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The Community and Primary Care Research Group (CPCRG) has at its heart the CPCRG professional services team. Made up of six experienced, knowledgeable and efficient individuals, the team can assist with research from the conception to dissemination, supporting researchers at every point of their research journey.

The team hold in-depth knowledge of University of Plymouth policies and procedures, and can advise and guide with precision. They are the ideal people to liaise with partner organisations/external collaborators and internal contacts, with the ability to build strong relationships.

The CPCRG professional services team specialise in:

  • transcription (verbatim and intelligent verbatim), 
  • invoicing and purchase orders, 
  • navigating and reporting using Unit4, 
  • updating Elements (symplectic), 
  • proofreading and editing, 
  • manuscript formatting and preparation (following complex individual journal guidelines). 

They also have extensive experience of working on funding applications from conception of ideas to submission on various systems. The team hold expertise in Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) which includes payments. CPCRG professional services team also specialise in event organisation, servicing of complex meetings – both online and in-person modes, knowledge of suitable venues for meetings and staff induction. The team hold knowledge of human resources (HR) policies and procedures and can provide advice, guidance and signposting. They can provide recruitment support such as crafting job descriptions, job advertisements, tailoring interview scheduling, following recruitment procedures and providing advice and guidance and processing expenses claims associated with the process. CPCRG professional services can advise and guide staff around equipment requirements, and can place appropriate orders through University mechanisms that are in place. If you are looking for marketing and communications expertise, then the team hold this in abundance, they can help to publicise news, published papers, events and keep websites up-to-date. 

The best way to contact the team is via email, from which your request will be triaged appropriately.

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