Faculty of Health Research Support Team

The University of Plymouth's Faculty of Health Research Support team works closely with the University’s Research & Innovation (R&I) team, and other professional services teams to provide researchers from the Faculty of Health with a range of research support and services including:

  • first point of contact for all research and innovation enquiries
  • research funding
  • postgraduate research (PGR) enquiries and support
  • ethics and research governance
  • intellectual property
  • commercial activity 
  • research marketing
  • FOH events
  • research impact
  • contracts and agreements (University Legal Services Team)
  • external engagement and business development.

Faculty of Health PGR students in receipt of stipend payments should contact FOHStudentships@plymouth.ac.uk with any queries regarding their individual stipend payments. All other PGR queries can be emailed to doctoralcollege@plymouth.ac.uk

PGR students who wish to change their mode of attendance or interrupt their studies should contact Doctoral College in the first instance but copy FOHStudentships@plymouth.ac.uk into their communications. 


Contact us

Research support


Senior team

Tracey Humphries

Research Coordinator Faculty of Health

+44 1752586803 

tracey.humphries@plymouth.ac.uk or FOHResearchsupport@plymouth.ac.uk

First point of contact for research support in the faculty award submission process, and access to appropriate specialist support, expertise and advice in the wider university teams for research funding. 

  • REF support and submission across the faculty.
  • Support with Symplectic Elements and VV Tracker.
  • Faculty Postgraduate Research (PGR) support.
  • Faculty research training events and seminars

Dr Tom Nicholson

Research & Innovation Business Partner – Faculty of Health

+44 1752 584965


Connection to appropriate specialist advice, expertise and support in Research and Innovation team.

  • External engagement and business development.
  • Research translation, innovation and commercialisation enquiries.
  • Research marketing.
  • Research funding opportunities.


If you are presenting a poster at any internal or external events, please ensure you use our standard poster templates. We have them in both landscape and portrait orientation.